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What is the treatment for cervical dysplasia or cervical erosion?

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How do doctors treat cervical dysplasia?

For severe or chronic cases of dysplasia, allopathic treatment seeks to remove or destroy abnormal cells on the cervix.

Can smoking cause cervical dysplasia?

Smoking can't cause cervical dysplasia. However, smokers with cervical dysplasia have more severe disease than nonsmokers.

What are the pros and cons of the HPV vaccine?

The advantages of the HPV vaccine are protection against cervical cancer and cervical dysplasia. Avoiding the treatment of these conditions can preserve fertility. The cons are the discomfort of the shot, which is much less than the discomfort of cancer and dysplasia treatment.

How is cervical dysplasia diagnosed?

The most common method for diagnosing cervical dysplasia is the Pap smear

How is cervical dysplasia treated by alternative medicine?

There are several alternative therapies that can be utilized for cervical dysplasia.

Is cervical dysplasia an STD?

Cervical dysplasia means abnormal cells on the cervix. The most common cause is HPV, which is sexually transmitted.

What does it mean if you have HPV and Cervical Dysplasia?

Cervical dysplasia means that there are abnormal cell in the cervix. They are not cancer but show signs of becoming cancerous.

Should you bleed after cervical cauterization?

Cervical cauterization is a form of treatment for cervical erosion. Yes, you should expect to bleed a little after having this procedure.

Treatment for cervical dysplasia or cervical erosion that uses heat?

No , you should not use heat , the Fuyan pill is a patent med that can cure your cervical erosion . You can try to use it . Like our food, traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan pill is also derived from natural minerals, plants and animals, and it has no side-effects. Traditional Chinese medicine has no drug resistance, and patients can take it persistently until they are perfectly recovered from their illness. This is the unique advantage of "Fuyan Pill".

Do you have HPV if you have dysplasia?

Cervical dysplasia is almost always caused by HPV. HPV infection is common.

Can cervical dysplasia be prevented?

The most important recent development related to prevention of cervical dysplasia is the positive outcome of clinical trials of a vaccine against HPV.

What does a papanicolaou test detect?

minimal cervical dysplasia

Can you have 1 partner and still get dysplasia?

Yes, you can have cervical dysplasia even if you've only had one partner.

What is the growth of abnormal cells of the cervix that may be dtected on a Pap smear?

Cervical dysplasia is the growth of abnormal cells of the cervix that may be detected on a pap smear. If cervical dysplasia progresses, it could become cervical cancer.

What is the medical condition cervical dysplasia?

Dysplasia is the abnormal growth of the epithelial cells. This is what a Pap smear will detect in the cervix.

What is the medical term meaning precancerous lesion?

Dysplasia is the medical term meaning precancerous lesionscervical dysplasia

What tests detect minimal cervical dysplasia?

Papanicolaou Test

What procedure is used to treat cervical erosion?

Treatment of Cervical Erosion: If you have no symptoms but it has been discovered on a routine examination, treatment is not necessary. But if you have symptoms active treatment becomes necessary. The aim of the treatment is to destroy the columnar cells so that normal squamous cells can grow there instead: - Electrocautery: The cells are burned off by using heat generated by electric current. - Diathermy: High temperatures are applied to the area of the cervical erosion which leads to the cells being damaged. - Cryocautery: Extreme cold generated by the application of nitrous oxide gas is used to kill the cells.

What is the purpose of cervical cryotherapy?

Cervical cryotherapy is a standard method used to treat cervical dysplasia, meaning the removal of abnormal cell tissue on the cervix.

Is it safe to be pregnant and have cervical erosion?

Your cervical erosion can be very well managed by your gynecologist during pregnancy.

Describe laser treatment for cervical dysplasia?

A carbon dioxide laser focuses a beam of light to vaporize the abnormal cells. This technique can be used in the physician's office with very little discomfort.

Which condition is the growth of abnormal cells in the cervix that can be detected by a Pap smear?

cervical dysplasia

What term is the growth of abnormal cells in the cervix that can be detected by a Pap smear?

Cervical Dysplasia

Can you still have cervical cryotherapy if you are 1 month pregnant?

According to my gynecologist, they will wait to treat any cervical dysplasia until after delivery, as it can be risky to your pregnancy.

What is the medical term meaning Loop electrode excision procedure?

A loop electrode excision procedure, or LEEP, is a procedure that uses electrical current to remove a thin layer of abnormal tissue from the cervix. It is a treatment for severe cervical dysplasia, which may eventually develop into cervical cancer.