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For deep bite relapse, go to your dentist and freaking get braces again,

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Q: What is the treatment of relapse of deep bite?
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What is relapse in alcoholism?

Go to

What is relapse rate?

Relapse rate refers to the percentage of people who appeared to have recovered, but who later get symptoms again. For instance, the relapse rate after treatment for bacterial vaginosis is 50% at six weeks.

What is the rate of relapse for those attending addiction treatment facilities?

The rate of relapse for those attending addiction treatment facilities is about 2 to 3 years. The amount of time will depend majorly on the individuals and their will power.

What is the treatment regimen for relapse of leprosy?

Thalidomide is effective in some cases.

Can you use relapse in a sentence?

She is ordered to stay at home for three months, lest she suffer a relapse. noun - One of the patients later suffered a relapse. verb - His cancer has relapsed again despite the treatment.

What happens after a relapse of leukemia?

Normally at this point the best treatment is a bone marrow transplant.

What is an appropriate treatment for a deep bleeding wound?

Have the person lie down - Apex

What is the treatment for a raccoon bite?

Wash the bite area well, bandage and get to the emergency room for treatment. You will probably have to undergo a series of painful rabies vaccinations.

Can you survive a black widow bite without medical treatment?

no way the bite is deadly

What do you do when pigeons are bitten by a cat?

you check the bite if its not to deep bring your bird to a vet but if the bite is too deep and your bird is in a lot of pain put it out of its misery

What is the treatment for periodontal disease?

It depends on how bad the periodontal disease is. Treatment can be deep cleaning, deep cleaning with surgery and extractions.

How deep must the bite be to contract Rabies?

Just deep enough to break the skin.

Drug abuse treatment options?

Successful treatment has several steps: behavioral counseling, evaluation and treatment for co-occurring mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. And long-term follow-up to prevent relapse.

What does the initial treatment of poisonous snake bite involve?

Immobilise the bite area. Keep the patient calm. Apply a pressure bandage to the bite area not a tourniquet ! Get professional medical treatment ASAP.

What is the treatment for rat bite fever?

penicillin antibiotics

What is the best treatment for cockroach bites?

Bite him too.

Is Eminem still making CD's?

he relased relapse and relapse: refil and is expected to relase relapse 2 in febuary

Can pigs die from snake bites?

Yes, if the snake is poisonous and or the bite is deep, or no if the snake is not poisonous and the bite is just a small scratch-like bite.

What is the treatment after rabies bite?

The treatment for rabies are several shots of antigens. Or a couple to a few rabies vaccines.

What treatment for malaria?

malaria is an illness that comes from? the bite of mosquitoes.

How can a snake bite be cured?

how to cure a snake bite you call 911 and the'll bring the antidote right away

What is a sentence with relapse?

He thought he was getting better, until he had a relapse.

When was Relapse Records created?

Relapse Records was created in 1990.

What is an eating disorder treatment?

Eating disorder treatment and recovery, including self-help advice, healthy eating tips, and relapse prevention. Most important is to build up self-esteem of patient.

What is the treatment for dermonecrosis?

Dermonecrosis is caused by a spider bite. Treatment includes giving the patient antibiotics and possible debridement.