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What is the trimming on an airplane?


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June 08, 2007 1:04AM

An airplane flies in a state of balance of many forces that act upon it, mainly its flying surfaces. Due to such factors as weight distribution on board, wind direction and velocity, spin of propellers, if any, etc. the plane can tend to fly off course unless the pilot makes an input to the air control surfaces to counteract these forces which are usually very mild. So instead of the pilot having to constantly correct for a constant force trying to set the plane off course, like a mild wind coming from the side, the pilot manually corrects for the mild side wind and then sets the trim controls to do it for him so he, or she, doesn't have to constantly monitor this steady force.
You trim the control surfaces of the airplane such as the elevator so you don't have to keep applying pressure on the yoke and thereby keeping your arms from tiring.