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What is the tristate area of New York?


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The "tristate area" of New York consists of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.


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It's not far from New York City, but it is part of the state of Connecticut, not the state of New York. So, technically, no, it's not a suburb of New York City, but for practical purposes, yes it is. New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut make up what we locals call the "tristate area."

yes, there are in new jersey's tristate area. they have new cart that ride like a breeze too!!!

The state of New York has an area of 141,299 km2

The area of Playland - New York - is 1,133,119.7982720002 square meters.

The area of the state of New York is 54,520 square miles (141,205 km²). The area of New York City is 468.9 square miles (1,214.4 km²).

There were no area codes in the 1880s. Area codes were first introduced in 1947; until then, the area code for New York City was, "Operator, connect me to New York City, please."

New York state's area is 141,300 square kilometers.

New York is located in the area of the U.S. known as the Northeast (just below the area known as New England).

New York has more land area then Texas.

The area of Camp Olmsted - New York - is 307,561.0881024 square meters.

New York Area Bisexual Network was created in 1987.

The area of New York Marble Cemetery is 2,023.4282112 square meters.

The area of New York is 8,683 and the area of Tokyo is6,993 So New York is the largest and is the real largest city in the world.

No New York has a larger area.

Syracuse is in Upstate New York.

New York has more land area than Tennessee. New York has 47,126 square miles of land area. Tennessee has 41,235 square miles of land area.

Tristate Trojans representing Vermont, new Hampshire, and Maine

The whole area of New York City comes to a total of 468.9 square miles.

The area of Los Angeles is 54.9% larger than the area of New York City.

The area of France is 674,843 km2 The area of New York State is 141,299 km2 The area of New York City is 1,214.4 km2 So, France is 4.78 times the size of New York State and 555.7 times the size of New York City

New York state's area is 34,916,000 acres.

The area claimed by New York and New Hampshire s now the state of Vermont.

New York IS (was) New Netherland. The Dutch were the first Europeans to settle the New York area. When they settled the area that is now New York City, they named it "New Amsterdam." They named the surrounding area, "New Netherland." New Netherland included land in what is now New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut and Delaware. New Amsterdam (now New York City) was the capital of the the greater province of New Netherland.

The area of Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York is 12,212 square kilometers.

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