What is the true correct religion that God the Father of Abraham would like us to follow and Which group is teaching the truth and will be of the 144000 to be counted as worthy?

There is no religion that has the whole picture. It will require use of the universal language of mind applied to the scriptures along with an understanding of mind in order to fully understand the remainder of our progression back home. The 144,000 refers to the different aspects or ways of thinking that must be understood. We are inherently worthy. We have much to understand about ourselves. We can know God to the extent we know ourselves. It's going to take a couple of days. When the language of mind is used to interpret with, all the major holy works present the same pictures. The first part of this question, "What is the true correct religion", may be seeking to establish which of the many modern religions contains truth about the universe and its supreme being. Unfortunately, that is a matter of faith. There is no way to prove the truth of any religion because all religions are equally based on faith alone. And there is no available evidence to prove objectively that God the Father of Abraham is true and that other gods are less so.