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Impossible to answer with just the serial number.

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What is the type of browning shotgun serial number 41302S5?

Trying to establish the type/model/ value of the browning

What year was the Browning 12g shotgun serial?

I would need the type of browning shotgun you are asking about,and a serial number which you did not provide.

What year was browning shotgun with serial number 6755 made?

I would need to know the model and type of shotgun along with the serial number to give you a answer.

What is the model type of a browning shotgun with the serial number of 66231?

No way to tell with only the serial number. A detailed description of all features, type of action, gauge, etc.. is needed.

What type of browning 30-06 belgium rifles end in M7?

The M7 suffix to your serial number indicates that you have a browning B.A.R. that was made by browning in 1967.

How old is your browning shot gun serial number 740?

You will need to include the Model of Browning shotgun,and type of shotgun in your question to get a correct answer.

When was Belgian Browning serial number 589953 made?

No way to answer with only the serial number and no other information like, caliber/gauge, action type, etc..

How old is your browning?

Without the serial number and a complete description of all markings, caliber/gauge and type of action, there is no way for anyone to answer. If you have the serial number but are unwilling to post it, I recommend you go to the Browning website and check their serial number data. You can also find serial numbers in the Blue Book of Gun Values.

What year and type is a Browning 525 serial?

You will have to call Browning with the sn to find out.

How old is a browning shotgun with serial number 158320?

You will need to provide a little more information.Please indicate what type of Browning shotgun that you have,and what gauge your shotgun is in.

What is the name of a browning shotgun serial number 16 - 16189?

Can you please re-phrase your question? Serial number 16-16189 does not exist on any Browning. What type of gun is it? ie: Shotgun, rifle, pistol? the "16-" does not compute.

What is the year and estimated value for a Browning 22LR with serial?

Impossible to answer without the serial number and a detailed description of all markings, features and type of action.

How do you tell what type and year Browning you have?

By the Serial number one can usually identify the year. Serial numbers past the 70s and some before can also identify the model. Ask another question and include the type of gun and the serial number. We can help.

What browning shotgun has serial number 50671PN?

The only thing that I can derive from your serial number is that your Browning was produced in the year 1989(letters PN).You should be able to go to Brownings home page (See the related links) and find out what type of firearm you have.

What is browning serial number 1642 F7?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of all features and action type.

How old is this browning shotgun serial number 0561682?

You will have to provide the model, type of action, barrel length, gauge

What age is browning serial number 75094?

Without knowing if it is a hand gun, rifle or shotgun and the action type, there is no way to answer.

How old browning 12 GAUGE serial number 5g8008?

Need a detailed description of all markings and type of action.

What year is a browning 16 gauge shotgun with a A6721 serial number?

In my research I am not showing a browning 16 gauge shotgun with a A prefix to the serial number.I see a X prefix,R prefix,S prefix,0-9R prefix,0-9Sprefix,69-75S prefix.Please check your serial number again and indicate what type of 16 gauge browning shotgun you have.

Browning shotgun serial number 08441N57 can you tell you when it was made and what type of shot gun and value?

No. The serial number listed doesnt compute. Please check it again and also explain what type. ie: automatic, pump, over/under

What model type is a browning shotgun with the serial number 111768?

Virtually impossible to identity the model from just the serial number. Provide a detailed description of all markings, type of action, gauge, barrel length and all other features.

What is the age of browning 12 ga serial number 79166?

No way to answer without a DETAILED description of ALL markings, type of action,

What year was Browning shotgun serial number 49473 made?

Need a detailed description to inlcude type of action, gauge, number of barrels and ALL markings.

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