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There are different types of radiation; you may be referring to the electromagnetic radiation.

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Q: What is the type of spectrum of all types of radiation called?
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Which type of spectrum is associated with the radiation of most stars?

Emission spectrum

Which type of spectrum does the radiation form most stars produce?

absorption spectrum

What type of radiation is Bremsstrahlung?

Bremsstrahlung, meaning braking radiation in German, is a type of secondary radiation. It is radiation given off by a charged particle, usually an electron. It is also sometimes called free-free radiation as it has a continuous spectrum.

What type of radiation has the highest frequency?

In the electromagnetic spectrum Gamma radiation has the highest frequency.

How are the different types of electromagnetic radiation similar?

it is the type of macro organisim called the poopbran! =)

What type of energy is in a radio?

It is electromagnetic radiation in the radio par of the spectrum.

What is the type of energy in a radio?

It is electromagnetic radiation in the radio par of the spectrum.

This type of radiation lies just outside the high-frequency end of the visible spectrum?

ultraviolet radiation

What type of radiation is light?

Electromagnetic radiation in the visible spectrum, over a range of wavelengths from red to violet.

What types of radiation hazard are there?

it depends what type of radiation you mean

Which type of electromagnetic radiation includes the wavelength 10 -7m?

The type of electromagnetic radiation that includes the wavelength 10 ^ -7 m, or 100 nm is ultraviolet radiation. This type of radiation lies outside of the visible spectrum.

Which of these types of EM radiation is a type of heat wave?

infrared radiation

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