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  • the surgeon's fee
  • the anesthesiologist's fee
  • the hospital charges (nursing care and the operating room)
  • the medications

Note: The fees are for an average out-patient nose job. You may have other fees for blood work and other additional lab work (may be separate from your hospital bill).

If you have additional nasal surgeries performed with your nose job or are having a revision done, your charge will vary. Those averages include:

  • Primary Septoplasty/Turbinectomy $3,500. - $6,500.
  • Secondary open rhinoplasty $7,000. - $9,000.
  • Secondary closed rhinoplasty $2,643. - $10,000.; with implant: $2,500. - $10,200.

Some doctors provide financing or you can ask for a personal loan from your bank. Be aware of some clinics or plastic surgeons offering low financing or special offers. They may not be board-certified plastic surgeons and are only interested in luring in customers via false advertising and claims for inexpensive services. While the deal may look promising, their procedures may not be safe if the surgeon doesn�t have the proper training.

It depends what country, Generaly in South Africa its $20-4000 but in America its about $100-200000. Also its very safe in South Africa, unlike Brazil and such

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Q: What is the typical cost of a nose job?
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How much does a nose job usually cost?

The average cost of a nose job is approximately $4,545. Another term for nose job is rhinoplasty.

How much is a nose job?

The Cost of Nose Job ranges from $3,000 to $8,000, with the average cost being around $4,200.But Many other factors such asLocationSurgeonFacilityEffect the cost of Nose Job.

How much does the typical nose ring cost?

Nose rings generally cost 3 to 10 dollars.

How much does a nose job cost in the UK?

On average in the UK a nose job may cost between £3000 and £4000.

How much does a nose job cost in America?

it cost like $5k

On average how much does a nose job cost?

A nose job, the specific term being a rhinoplasty surgery, can vary in price, depending on the location in which it is done. The average cost of a nose job can be anywhere between $4,800 and $6,300.

What is the average cost of a nose job in India?

1000$ - 2000$

What is the average cost for a nose job in Chile?

About U$2,000

How much does the typical cosmetic nose surgery job cost?

Depending on the actual type of cosmetic nose surgery, you're looking at anywhere between $4,000 to $12,000. The average total cost is about $5,500. You can find out more information here

How much money for a nose job?

The cost of a nose job depends somewhat on the extent of work required to your nose. For example, if its just the tip of your nose that you would like rduced, the cost could be as low as £ 2500. A full rhinoplasty would normally cost in the region of £ 3000 to £ 4500.

What is the average cost of a nose job?

In 2010, the national average cost for a rhinoplasty was $4,306.

Cost of a broken nose?

an ugly face. or you could get it set by a dr. or you could get a nose job. S

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