What is the unfinished pyramid?

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The unfinished pyramid: (as seen on the one dollar bill) is a symbol for the endless effort toward perfection. And in relation to it being on the back of US currency is the founding fathers commitment to America's unending effort to better it's self, however that may be.
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What are pyramids?

Pyramids were pretty much a huge 3-D triangle. They were made by different cultures including the Ancient Egyptians. They were made of limestone. They were used for the burial

Why are there pyramids?

They follow the pattern of constellation Orion's belt. The Egyptians were literally making a 'Heaven-on-Earth' for their pharaohs.

What is in a pyramid?

Dead Bodies. The pyramids protected the dead bodies.

Why is the pyramid unfinished on the dollar bill?

It is unfinished because the rebuilding of ancient Babylon is unfinished, the original Babylon was destroyed and the illumintati who are connected with the free-masons are the

What is an unfinished basement?

Unfinished basements are basements who are not made suitable to be counted as additional living space. They are usually uninsulated, with bare concrete or stone walls, and b

Why are they pyramids?

Dead bodies were put into the pyramids. The pyramids protected the dead bodies.

What do pyramids have in them?

Inside a pyramid are mummified remains, treasures for the afterlife, booby traps, book of the dead mummy's servants for the afterlife.
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Why is Beethoven's Unfinished Symphony unfinished?

Beethoven's Unfinished Symphony is a hypothetical work. Scholars believe that Beethoven may have intended on writing a 10th symphony, but died before being able to start it.
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What are the pyramids for?

Depends which pyramids you're on about. Did you know, there are more pyramids in Sudan than there are in Egypt? . Egyptian pyramids were used for the burial of dead Pharaohs.