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What is the unhealthiest food in the world?


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2011-11-20 11:43:29
2011-11-20 11:43:29

well the healthyest food is Cherry Smoothie

but i think the unhealthiest food is chocolate and sweets but i am not to sure

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pretty much anything bad that you think of and whatever you think of is the unhealthiest food

The United Sates of America is the unhealthiest country in the world.

It's hard to determine exactly which one is the unhealthiest. Look at the added link for a list of the 100 unhealthiest foods.

Scotland is officially the fattest country in the world

any animals meat because you can get fat and die!

junk food is what i would say for everyone or chips just depends which junk it is

burgerking and wendys and panda express don't eat there

Podtoons - 2013 The Unhealthiest Man in the World 1-2 was released on: USA: 20 November 2013

Sierra Leone, according to the World Health Organization.

you'll be the unhealthiest person in the world

"Processed cheese food" like American Cheese and Velveeta. Lots of crazy ingredients in there.

There is a city in Poland with only onehundred people in it and the have to wash there hand in brown gross water (thats what the even drink out of) & when the food gets mold on it the scrap it of.

salads aside, in a scale from one to ten being ten the unhealthiest, most fast foods rank to about eight and a half.

whichever is unhealthiest

I'm not depends on how much fat and sugar there is in it. I guess candy. Things with lots of sugar and fat like candyfloss and crisps and things like that!

Anything that's high in fat or sodium.

Refined (processed) carbohydrates and processed foods in general are considered unhealthy.


Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs. Seriously, there isn't such a list.

no now leave me alone no now leave me alone No.they are fruits and fruits are healthy

Trans fat. It clogs the arteries and veins and can cause a heart attack or cardiac arrest.

The fattest food in the world would be junk food

There are no unhealthy fruits. Some may just contain more calories, fat, or sugars than others.

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