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What is the unit of measurement for measuring latitude?

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Latitude ... and longitude too ... are angles. In principle, any angle unit may be used.

But these particular angles are virtually always stated in terms of degrees, along with

either the classical subdivisions of degrees ... minutes and seconds ... or else common

decimal fractions of degrees.

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What is the measuring unit for rainfall?

what is the unit of measurement of rainfall

What is a unit of measurement for latitude and longitude?

The measurement for latitude and longitude is degrees. The degrees are subdivided into hours, minutes and seconds.

What is the unit of measurement for tablespoon?

I think that it is measuring cup

What is the unit of the measurement on a measuring cylinder?

They are usually millilitres.

What do you mean by units of measurements?

If you are measuring temperature, the unit of measurement is either Fahrenheit or Centigrade. If you are measuring height, the unit of measurement could be feet and inches or meters and so on.

What unit of measurement do you use when measuring volume?

Liters, dm3.

Which unit of measurement is used for measuring gold jewelry?


What you the length of a hand in unit of measurement?

measuring the height of horses

What does SI mean in scientific measurement?

SI is a unit of measuring.

What is the ancient Tamil unit of measurement for measuring land?


What is the SI unit of measurement scale?

It depends what you're measuring. For example, if you're measuring distance, the SI unit used is the metre.

Is beaker a measuring thing?

A beaker is a container which can also be used as a measuring device for volume. It is not a unit of measurement.

What is used in measuring solid and liquid?

The tool and unit of measurement would depend on which property of the substance you were measuring.

What is the unit of measure for displacement?

the unit of measuring for displacement is cubic centimeter[cc]. The unit of measurement for displacement is the meters.

What is the best unit of measurement when measuring a textbook?

I would say a pound

What is the unit of measurement used when measuring time?

Time is measured in seconds.

What is the smallest unit to which a measurement is recorded?

The answer depends on the instrument used for measuring.

What is the definition of degrees on a map?

Degree: unit of measurement of latitude and longitude.

How do you convert hz to decibles?

You don't. Hz (always capitalized) is the unit for measuring frequency or pitch. dB is the unit for measuring amplitude or relative loudness of the sound. You cannot convert a frequency measurement to an amplitude measurement.

The basic unit of measurement for parallels of latitudes is the?

The basic unit of measurement for parallels of latitude is the degree. There are 180 degrees from the North Pole to the South Pole.

What is a kilogram measurement?

A kilogram measurement is a unit of measuring mass and weight. This is equivalent to 1000 grams or 2.20 pounds.

Basic unit for measuring time?

The second is the lowest basic measurement of time.

What is the unit for measuring electric resistance?

ohms.Ohm is the measurement of resistance. Ω

Which unit of measurement would be most appropriate for measuring the weight of an apple?


What unit of measurement would be the best for measuring the weight of a pack of gum?