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The 'amp'.

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Q: What is the unit to describe the amount of electrical current passing through a ponit?
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How is ESB done?

ESB is administered by passing an electrical current through an electrode implanted in the brain

How do you make a bulb glow with one wire?

This is usually done by passing an electrical current through the wire.

What is a temporary magnet caused by an electrical current?

A Electro Magnet, caused in theory by the alignment of the particles in the material duo to the current passing through it.

What is a ballast resistor?

A ballast resistor is an electrical resistor whose resistance varies with the current passing through it, thus maintaining a constant current.

What are the effects of passing an electrical current through a coil of insulated wire wound round an iron nail?


How do electrical insulators help people?

The insulator I refer here is the insulation on the wiring and this helps any in not passing current through them

What are the colors of a resistor and why are they there?

There are many colours for resistor rings but the reason that we have them is to help the resistor reduce the electrical current that is passing through.

What a switch does?

What a Switch DoesA switch starts or stops current from passing through in order to turn electrical objects on and off.

How can you convert a soft iron into a magnet?

By winding a coil of copper wire round it, and passing an electrical current through the wire.

What does the process of electrolysis of water mean?

The separation of oxygen and hydrogen from water due to an electrical current passing through the water.

What is made by passing an electric current through coils of wire?

An electro magnet is created when a current is passed through a coil of wire. This effect is the main operation of how an electrical solenoid operates.

What is a tool that you can use to test electrical conductivity?

LED(light emitting diode)because it glows even if there is a weak current passing through it