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What is the us mint?

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Company that makes pennies

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What are the addresses of the US Mints?

US Mint Philadelphia, PA US Mint West Point, NY US Mint Denver, CO US Mint San Francisco, CA

Can one buy directly from US Mint Philadelphia?

You can buy directly from the US Mint, not the indivdual mint locations.

How can you work at the us mint?

The US Mint was created by Congress and makes circulating coins. To apply for a job with the US Mint a person can apply at the website.

What US mint makes the most coins?

The Philadelphia Mint

Is there a mint in the Los Angeles area?

The closest US mint would be the San Fransisco mint.

What is the value of a 2005 mint set?

July 9, 2009 The Uncirculated US Mint set is valued at about $15. The 2005 US Mint Proof set is valued at about $25. The 2005 US Mint Proof set is valued at about $42.

Is Harriet Tubman on a us mint coin?

Harriet Tubman has never been on a US Mint Coin.

Where can the US Mint product codes be found?

Codes are listed with the product on the US Mint web site.

What does the us mint produce?

US coins

Who produce the US coins?

The US Mint

Who produces coins in the us?

The us mint

How much does it cost the US mint to print a 10 dollar bill?

Trick question: the answer is zero, because the US Mint doesn't print $10 bills. The US Mint makes coins.

When does the US Mint put out the new year's coin?

The optimal way to determine when the US Mint will mint a specific coin is to refer to their web-site:

When was US Mint created?

United States Mint was created in 1792.

Where was the first mint in the US?

The first US mint (as versus a state or private coiner) opened in Philadelphia in 1792.

What is the value of a 1972 US mint set?

As of 10/2009 a 1972 US Mint set retails for about $5.

Difference between US mint and national mint?

Most countries have what is referred to as its national mint. For example, the United States Mint is the national mint of the US, the Royal Canadian Mint is the national mint of Canada, and the Royal Mint is the national mint of the UK. However, in the United States the "national mint" is officially called The US Mint and is always referred to by that name. Several private companies have tried to play off possible confusion by putting the word "National" in their names, but they have no connection whatsoever to the US Mint. It's similar to the way a single government-run airline will carry the country's name in recognition of its status as the "flag carrier", while in the US where there is no official national airline, companies are free to name themselves American Airlines and US Airways even though they have no direct relation to the government.

Who is responsible for the us currency?

The US Mint probably.

Who controls coining money in the US?

The US Mint.

How many 10 dollar bills can the US Mint print at a cost of ten dollars?

Trick question: the answer is none, because the US Mint doesn't print $10 bills. The US Mint makes coins.

What coin has an f mint?

No US coin bears an "F" mint mark

Is money made in a mint?

US paper money is made at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, coins are made at the US mint.

Can you buy gold bars at the us mint?

No you can't buy " gold bars" from the US Mint, but you can buy Bullion coins.

What US mint produces platinum coins?

Platinum Bullion coins are produced at the Philadelphia Mint and West Point Mint.

What states are the US Mints in?

The Philadelphia Mint is in Pennsylvania, the Denver Mint is in Colorado, the San Francisco Mint is in California, and the West Point Mint is in New York.