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A preprocessor directive that is not specified by the ISO standard. Pragmas often control actions of the compiler and linker. A pragma always begins with a number sign (#).

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A pragma is a pre processor directive in C . A Pre processor begins with # and are pre loaded in the library. Pragma controls the action of the compiler.

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Q: What is the use of 'pragma' in C language?
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How you can use pragma in c language?

a preprocessor directive that is not an specified ISO standard that controls actions of complier and linker

What does the pragma directive do in visual C plus plus?

The #pragma directive is a compiler specific instruction. There are many things you can tell the compiler. For instance, the #pragma pack n directive tells the compiler to override the /Zpn command line argument and to use a new default structure packing value. To see all of the possible #pragma directives, go to online help, and index by #pragma directives, C/C++. You probably only need to type in #pra and then click on C/C++ to get this far.

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There is no alternative to fscanf() in C++. The same function can be used in both C and C++. For C++, the function can be found in the <cstdio> standard library header. Note that Microsoft Visual Studio will claim that fscanf() is unsafe and recommends using the non-portable fscanf_s() instead. However, you can disable this warning by placing the following pragma on the line immediately before the call to fscanf(). #pragma warning(suppress:4996);

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