What is the use of instruction decoder?

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Instruction decoder takes bits stored in the instruction register and decodes it and tells to CPU what it need to do for it and enable the components for the operation.

Simply, instruction decoder is like a dictionary. It tells the meaning of the instruction.
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What is the use of decoder in computer architecture?

For the computer to read the information as it only reads 1/0 which then brings you to binary.In both the multiplexer and the demultiplexer, part of the circuits decode the address inputs, i.e. it translates a binary number of n digits to 2 n outputs, one of which (the one that corresponds to the ( Full Answer )

What are Decoders?

A decoder is a circuit that progressions a code into an arrangementof signs. It is known as a decoder in light of the fact that itdoes the converse of encoding, yet we will start our investigationof encoders and decoders with decoders on the grounds that they areeasier to plan.

How do you use the decoder in poptropica?

Click on "Use" on the decoder card. On your secret message, there will be a key. Something like "L=F" Drag the green part to match the red part of the decoder.

How do you use the decoder on spy island?

The decoder device given you by Director D will reveal the hidden words. They are "Laser Hair Removal". FILE X : On a folder you receive from an agent, another message is spelled out by the first letters of the lines. ("Don't Trust Director D") Actually, the decoder is mostly useless. You don't ( Full Answer )

How do you use the decoder on spy island in poptropica?

You move the inside ring to what the code says to do and then you write what it sais in the notes area of the page. You can also print it out and do it yourself but that's a lot more work fpr you to put on your precious little shoulders.

How do you use the decoder on poptropica?

You find the first letter in red. you find that letter on the outer circle with the red letters. You do the same with the second letter and the inner ring. Then you match up all the letters in the code with the outer letters, and find the letter right inside the circle that is right next to it. If t ( Full Answer )

How do you use the decoder to decode messages on Spy Island?

The decoder kit works like this: Match the red letter of the code key to the green letter of the code key. If there is a red Y and a green O as "Y=O", it means you move the circle until the green "O" is under the red "Y." Then the rest of the letters will match up. Using the Decoder . Under the ( Full Answer )

How do YOU USE a decoder ring?

A decoder ring is usually a type of substitution cipher, it switches each letter in a message with a different letter or character, thus making the original message unreadable. The person receiving the scrambled message must have a key or the same decoder ring to translate the message back to plain ( Full Answer )

What computer used to decode the Enigma?

The Enigma was used to decode the Enigma.. The British decoders at Bletchley Park during the Second World War used brain-power to try to crack the German codes. That is, until they got their hands on an Enigma machine which the Polish had captured.

How do you use decoder kit?

you go to the dude in the thrash can talk to him and he will give you a sercert message which say on the roof

How do you use the decoder in spy island poptropica?

you use the decoder to depict spy messages. you line up both letters so that the red is lined up with the green text. the red text is the outer ring. then you look at the red text and look under it to match the green text. then you type it on the lower section of the note pad. that is how you use a ( Full Answer )

How do you use the decoder kit on spy island?

Line up the decoder with the letters for the "key".. If the is key shows L (its red) = O(its green) then you click the O turn it in ring until it comes to L. Then you can see what the code letters (in red) mean in the actual message (the green letters).

How do you use the decoder and how do you read it?

you use your stylus to select the tool decoder and drag it to the message. Then you release the tool give it a second then tap it. scroll through the symbols to find the matching symbol and bit by bit decode the message.

How do you use decoder on spy island?

put the green letter "O" to where the red letter "Y" and line them up. you did Y already so the first letter spells O then on x the green letter is N and the D is on T. so line up o with y and leave it there then read all the green letters like it asks you YX DRO BYYP ...go on youtube if you do not ( Full Answer )

How do you use a decode kit?

You don't need to use it. There is an easier way. I 'll tell you the steps.. 1. Insted of going to the headquarters go to spyglass eyewear.. 2. Tell doctor spyglass for an eye exam insted of doing the right one do the opposite.. 3. Then he will say that Director D sent him a a message then he wil ( Full Answer )

How do you use the decoding thing in poptropica?

if your talking about the spy island thing then you just spin the hoop of numbers so that the right ones match up. like for f=a you line up f with a and then all the rest of the letters will be like that too.

Which instruments were used in the song Decode by Paramore?

Instruments that were used in the song Decode are: Electric guitars (two- lead and rythm) Bass guitar Drums Vocals (still counts as an instrument, right? Well that's what my music teacher said haha) and... an electric keyboard...like somewhere in the beginning where it sounds mysterious- before the ( Full Answer )

How do you use the word decode in a sentence?

Sramte a phermscoivene blycaurov gludcinni dowsr ekil esstivuiscd, gartisyfmon dan rotseh lauelyq ufidclift. Darylglau uyo ilwl eb zceengdrio sa na yttesgliomo.

Difference between Instruction register and instruction decoder?

Instruction register is use to store the next instruction to be executed. Instruction decoder is use to decode the instruction come from the memory and tell the CPU what is instruction really are. (CPU interpret instruction is different from the data store in the memory . A good example is , memor ( Full Answer )

Why decode is not used in plsql?

Decode can be used in PLSQL, but in version 9i and later the case statement is easier to use, more powerful and more intuitive.

6 Fetching and decoding of any instruction takes three clock cycles How?

Incorrect. Fetching and decoding of any instruction takes a minimum of four clock cycles in the 8085. T1 = ALE and address emission T2 = Read initiation T3 = Read completion T4 = Opcode decode T1, T2, and T3 are repeated for each additional byte of the instruction. In all cases, Twait, if indicate ( Full Answer )

How do you use the decoder in poptropia?

You use the decoder in Poptropica by matching the red letter with the green letter for example if it says r=d, you get the green d and put it underneath the red r. If you don't get it just watch the walk through. P.S Read File X vertically.

How did the US decode the zimmermann telegram?

the US didn't decode the telegram, the British did. the way the British decoded it was they had some German code books they discovered three years earlier, so they used the books to their advantage. hope this helped

How do you use the spy decoder on spy island?

The decoder kit works like this: Match the red letter of the code key to the green letter of the code key. If there is a red Y and a green O as "Y=O", it means you move the circle until the green "O" is under the red "Y." Then the rest of the letters will match up. Using the Decoder . Under ( Full Answer )

The decode stage of the CPU cycle is used to?

The decode stage uses other programs or compilers either built into the processor, OS (operating system) or third party software. The compiler runs through a language like C or VB and converts the code into one the CPU understands (binary)

How do you use the dwakel decoder in AQWorlds?

'idk im just bored right now....' The answer above here was answered by the first answerer of this question. I'm the second answerer. With all respects, I'll show the second answer. (No offense to the first answerer) The Dwakel Decoder is used for J6'S Secret map. The secret map can be gained by d ( Full Answer )

How do you use a drawkel decoder in AQWorlds?

first you double click your map and the dwakel decoder is red but when it turns green it means you found the saloon or hyperium. i made a few vids on youtube about how to get to saloon and hyperium and how to unlock j6's weaponry.

Why instruction decoder of 8085A is 8 bit?

Decoder is the system which is used to decode or translate the code and make the message again readable. Both encoder and decoder are used where encoding language is applied. For example, if a word TRANSLATION is encoded then it can be written in various forms like NOITALSNART.

How do you use the message decoder on potropca?

u kno the round thing? u can turn it. so if it say i=2, the letter i is placed under the 2. all the letters are in alignment, so if it says 180923 look at those numbers, and under them, they say a letter. that's the letter

Why do teachers use instructional material?

Strictly from a copyright standpoint, instructional materials are often licensed specifically for teaching, allowing copying, altering, and distribution that the law itself does not provide for.

What are the rationale for use of instructional material?

3 important things that must be considered in making instructional rationale: 1.) the NEED 2.) WEAKNESS 3.) STRENGTHS 4.)QUALITY of MATERIALS -INCLUDES APPROPRIATE COLOR, SIZE (MUST BE USED IN DIFFERENT SUBJECTS AREAS)

How do you use a Tubular Decoder Key?

very simple. it measures the depth of the slot. the ACE style tubular key has 7 pin slots. So looking at the end of the key you put in the lock, counting clockwise, position 1 through 7. so position 1 might have a depth of "3", position 2 might be 7, and so on. depth is measured how long the cut i ( Full Answer )

How do you decode to encode using md5 funcation in php?

md5() is one-way encryption method. Example: $test_string="php"; $md_encoded_string=md5($test_string); But, you can't decode the string back to php.So, if you need to check the entered string is php or not $user_entered_string=md5($_POST['user_input']); if($md_encoded_string == $use ( Full Answer )

How is the dstv decoder used as a modem?

The best free internet presently is dstv internet. You can make use of this free internet with dstv by the use of a cable modem and decoder. The free internet used this way doesnt affect the use of the decoder in watching dstv with your tv. What is more it is a simple "you can do it yourself" proced ( Full Answer )

How do you use the decode in club penguin?

if u are referring to the one in the secret agent missions then u look at what symbol is there and then look for it in your codebook and wow its magic u find the letter right next to it

Where can we use decoder?

you can use the decoder in spy island. if you see some mysterious people, (normally in black) talk to them and they may give you a message.

What is use of instruction register?

It holds the operation code .that is the opcode of the current instruction of the program during the arithmatic and logic operation......it is also called single cycle execution(only one perform)

What is instruction decode and operand fetch?

The opcode fetched from the memory is being decoded for the nextsteps and moved to the appropriate registers. . Fetch operands from memory if necessary: If any operands arememory addresses, initiate memory read cycles to read them into CPUregisters.

Where do you use Decoders?

Decoders are just an accumulation of rationale doors which areorchestrated specifically in order to breakdown any blend of inputsto an arrangement of terms that are good to go to "0" aside fromone term. Along these lines when one information changes, two yieldterms will change. Note that these terms ( Full Answer )

What do you mean by the instruction register and decoder?

Instruction Register is where the instruction bit pattern is loaded for execution. Instruction Decoder is all the hardware logic that is cascade triggered by the instruction bit pattern during execution.

In what year was the vin decoder chart first used?

According to the Carfax site the very first VIN decoder chart was used by auto manufacturers in 1954. Initially there was no particular format and the VIN's varied greatly among manufacturers. Since the year 1981 each car or truck has a unique VIN number consisting of a combination of 17 letters o ( Full Answer )

What is algprithm that Linux is used to decode the password?

This really depends on which password you mean. Most user passwords aren't so much decoded as they are hashed through alorithms such as MD5 and the result compared to a stored hash for the password. If the hashes match, Linux concludes the password is correct. Passwords are done this way as check ( Full Answer )