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Political science is the branch of social science that studies the theory of political systems and politics. ItÕs used as a tool to examine the process, systems, and political dynamics of a country.

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Q: What is the use of political science?
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Is political science science or social science?

Except for everyday use

Can political science be considered as a science?

Obviously there are people who consider political science to be a science, since it has the name political science, rather than, hypothetically, political guesswork, or political hallucinations. Political science does not have the same kind of precision as physics or chemistry, however, political scientists are capable of great scholarship and can use a genuinely scientific approach to the problem of understanding politics.

Is political science is science?

Yes, we use the scientific method to test hypotheses.

How does science relate to political science?

Political science is a science.

How science relate to political science?

Political science is a science.

Is political science as a socail science?

Yes, political science is a social science.

Why is political science considered an art?

Political science is not an art. It is a science.

Political science as science?

Hay, You can read more of Political Science on the below site. Read More...

Political science is science or not. Information about it?

No, Science is present even before our birth but Political science is not. Political science is related with social studies.

Is political science considered a social science?

Yes, political science is a social science.

What is the functions of political science?

functin of political science

Is political science is a science or an art?

the tittle political science is alone misleading so the term political science is not a science but not an art as well as dividion

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