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Polymer is a coagulent that is added to a flow to help separate out components, typically solids from liquids. In dewatering it assists with centrifuging sludge, and in filtering water assists with controlling turbidity.

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Q: What is the use of polymer in sewage treatment?
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How do the microorganisms help in sewage treatment plant?

Sewage treatment plants use microorganisms to destroy the biological material in sewage.

What bacteria are in sewage treatment?

The microbes bacteria is usually treated in the sewage treatment.

How do sewage treatment works use decay and microorganisms?

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What are the 3 stages of sewage treatment?

The three stages of sewage treatment are primary, secondary and tertiary.

How many sewage treatment plants are in delhi?

Delhi India has presently 27 sewage treatment plants

Briefly outline the main steps of the sewage treatment process?

outline the main steps of the sewage treatment

How do common household chemicals affect the effectiveness of sewage treatement?

how does sewage treatment affect household chemicals how does sewage treatment affect household chemicals

What is primary treatment at a sewage treatment plant?


What is the importance of sewage?

There is no importance of sewage that can be found. The importance of sewage treatment plants are the ability to clean raw sewage from the water supply and environment.

What secondary treatment or biological treatment of waste water mainly involves?

Secondary sewage treatment is when bacteria are used to break down the left over materials that have passed throught primary sewage treatment.

Beneficial effects of protozoa?

Sewage treatment

Sewage is degraded by the process of?

Primary treatment

How does sewage treatment work?

From an engineer: All organic material (poop) is "eaten" by microorganisms, leaving only minerals. Sewage treatment simply speeds the process. It is similar to burning, which leaves only ash (mineral). Note: the final step in sewage treatment is chlorination, which means essentially you could drink the liquid coming out of a sewage treatment plant and not get sick!! Yuk!

Why chlorine is used in sewage treatment?

Chlorine is used to kill harmful pathogens in the treated sewage before discharge to a receiving watercourse. This is similar to its use in swimming pools. Similar treatment can be provided by using bromine, ozone or ultraviolet light.

Where do the two products of sewage treatment go?

the dirty toilet paper and bacteria go to the sewage.

Is water treatment and sewage treatment are same?

No. Water Treatment is treatment of river water, surface, ground water etc for drinking purposes whereas sewage treatment is treatment of sewage i.e wastewater such as from Kitchens, toilets etc Linesh Chungath

What has the author John A Burke written?

John A. Burke has written: 'Sewage treatment' -- subject(s): Purification, Sewage, Sewage disposal plants

When we do our dishes where does the water go?

Down the sewers to the sewage treatment plant, just like when we flush the toilet or take a shower or brush our teeth or wash our hands. In many cities runoff from the streets also goes into the same sewers, but as heavy rains can cause the sewage treatment plant to overflow and allow untreated sewage out, there is often a separate sewage system for this that does not go to the sewage treatment plant.

How does sewage travel from your home to a sewage plant?

Sewage travels from your home by pipes. The flow is due to the slope of the pipes so the sewage is essentially flowing downhill to a collection well or pit. The collected sewage is pumped from the pits into a forcemain which pressures the material to a sewage treatment plant. In rural ares or industrial parks sewage sometimes flows to a collection tank which is pumped out and into a truck which carries it to sewage plant for discharge to the treatment system

What is primary sewage treatment?

Pl.visit below site for sewage treatment. Very informative. Thanks they both help our environent

What has the author Alfred P Bernhart written?

Alfred P. Bernhart has written: 'Treatment and disposal of waste water from homes by soil infiltration and evapo-transpiration' -- subject(s): Biological treatment, Purification, Rural Sewage disposal, Seepage, Sewage 'Treatment and disposal of waste water from homes' -- subject(s): Biological treatment, Purification, Rural Sewage disposal, Seepage, Sewage

How many gallons of water does a person use per day in a sewage treatment plant?

over 80 gallons

What has the author Willem Rudolfs written?

Willem Rudolfs has written: 'Industrial wastes, their disposal and treatment' -- subject(s): Factory and trade waste 'Principles of sewage treatment' -- subject(s): Sewage, Sewage disposal, Purification

What percent of the cities in china has no sewage treatment facilities?

About 300 Chinese cities, which is about 55.6%, do not have sewage treatment. Sixty-three of the cities are large enough to be classified as urban, and eight of them have a population of over 500,000. The cities that do not have treatment faciilities release the sewage directly into rivers and farmlands.

Explain the role of micro-organisms in the treatment of sewage?

In the sewage their are certain bacteria the microorangnism kill it...