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What is the use of selection input in multiplexer and de-multiplexer?


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The concept of multiplexing is that we have 2n inputs but only one of them becomes the output for a given condition (or time). That particular input is selected by the combination of n selection lines.

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A: Multiplexer sends gabs of information on one line the multiplexer decodes what is designed to select from the data

Multiplexer is an electronic term. A multiplexer combines input from several sources into one. Individuals familiar with electronic devices, how they work and how to configure them will know which multiplexer to use for which device and under what circumstances.

Use the multiplexer to choose the correct output based on the inputs (use the truth table).

Theoretically you use five 4-to-1 multiplexers. You use four of them to connect the 16 inputs. You then have four outputs. Take the fifth multiplexer and connect the four outputs as the inputs. The fifth multiplexer then has a single output that has multiplexed the original 16 inputs.

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because you can select different data types. for example a stereo, you can select DVD, CD or TV. you SELECT the TYPE of DATA you want to use, using a multiplexer method

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Connect the 3 selection pins on both multiplexers in parallel to the A, B, and Carry inputs. Use the output of one multiplexer as the Sum output and connect its 8 inputs according to the truth table for the Sum function. Use the output of the other multiplexer as the Carry output and connect its 8 inputs according to the truth table for the Carry function. Connect any enables, etc. on both multiplexers so that they are always enabled and passing signal.

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•Multiplexing means to break high-speed physical communication circuit into several lower-speed logical circuits so that many different devices can simultaneously use it. Multiplexing is a mechanism that allows multiple devices to share a single high-capacity link. The device which facilitates multiplexing is a multiplexer (MUX), which bundles the signals from the source nodes into the shared medium. On the other end, a demultiplexer (DEMUX), would split the bundled signal back to its intended nodes.

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