What is the users id?

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Usually that's a moniker used to log in to a computer or website.
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A user id or an user-id?

The English language depends on how it sounds. Since "user" doesn'tstart with a vowel sound, it should be "a user-id." "An" is sometimes used with words starting with 'h' wher

Can you change the User ID on the PS3?

no. but you can change your profile color. you can change the comment on your profile. and you can change the picture(avatar)on your profile by going in internt settings besid

What is a User ID?

It is usually an ID used by a user.. A user ID is usually like a username, like my user ID is piratesrock.

How do you Identify a Yahoo user id?

it will showme_myname@yahoo.com or whatever site they build it on like for example it can show @yahoo.co.in if the person build his her id on a yahoo India homepage
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What is your utpa id and user name for?

You need your UTPA ID as a form of identification within campus.You do not have to use your SSN but your student ID number will beenough.
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Are user name and user ID the same?

Yes they are same, just to authenticate you, it is unique and it can be a alphabets,numbers, alpha numerals & limited special characters (eg.) _ .
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How do i reset my user id and password?

There is no one method for doing this, each computer application orsystem that needs an ID and password has a different method forchanging them.