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used to eat test tubes

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Q: What is the uses of right-angle clamp?
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Uses of iron clamp?

use for clamp the iron stand gently

Uses of stand and clamp?

The function of stand and clamp has two parts : First, you must stand then second, you will now clamp.

90 degree angle?


Is a rightangle 90 degrees?


What are the uses of a clamp stand in a lab?

The clamp stand is used to hold equipment while they are being used

What letter in the alphabet has an acute angle and a rightangle together?

The letter K. It has two acute angles, top and bottom between, the l and < and the inside angle of the < is a rightangle.

What are the uses of iron clamp and iron stand?


Uses of pinch clamp?

clamping a stand to a table

How many diagonal lines are in a rightangle triangle?


What is the name of the longest side of a rightangle triangle?


Uses of ring clamp in laboratory?

A ring clamp (with the stand) is a very useful holder of funnels or other laboratory items.

How do you find the reference angles for cos?

by using rightangle triangle

Uses of extension clamp?

An extension clamp is usually used to hold or pick up things. The extension clamps are commonly used in a laboratory setting.

What is the uses of clamp?

To fix (hold) instruments, glassware components, etc. to a stand in a laboratory.

Uses of C clamp?

Cuz, im jus as confused as u r, sfe

What is the uses of the 3-prong clamp?

Use your chemistry book. Lazy head!

What is the word for when 2 edges meet to make a rightangle on a 3d shape?

There is no particular name.

What are the uses of burette clamps?

It is used to handel the burette as the ring clamp holds the test tube

What are the uses of adjustable stand?

This device is most commonly used to determine the concentration of a known solute in ... a light source (often an ordinary low-voltage filament lamp); anadjustable ... Beaker clamp; Clamp holder; Concentric ring tripod; Double burette clamp ...

What do the angles of a rightangle triangle add up to?

The angles of any triangle add up to 180 degrees.

What is a rightangle bend and how is it used?

a piece of lab equipment made of glass that is used to manipulate liquid because of its shape.

How many degrees in rightangle triangle?

The 3 interior angles of any triangle add up to 180 degrees.

What is an c-clamp?

a clamp in the shape of a c where you tighten it by twisting the end.

What is a universal clamp?

a clamp that clamps

What uses pneumatics?

Pneumatic applications include:Pneumatic drillPneumatic hammerPneumatic clampPneumatic pressesPneumatic jack