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Q: What is the valuable currency?
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Is their currency less or more valuable than the us dollar?

im not sure what 'their' you are talking about, but generally, US currency is less valuable.

What is the most valuable currency?

Kuwait Dinar

What is the most valuable currency in Africa?


What is the worlds least valuable currency?

Zimbabewe's currency.

Which is the lowest valuable currency in the world?

"Zimbabwe Dollar" no doubt

What is Africa's most valuable currency?

South African Rand

What is the most valuable American currency?

Please name all of the American currencies we can choose from.

Are Russian rubles dated 1993 valuable?

They are no more valuable than any other rubles from other years. they are still the official currency of Russia.

Is World War 2 Japanese currency valuable?

Yes to a currency collector, an honest one. Antique currency is valuable to some collectors, but not to the general public. Show it to the public and collectors may want the currency. Are you a collector? To Japanese collectors it could be priceless? It is their history like U.S. confederacy bills is to american collectors. The condition of the bills is important, and the amount? The gadfly

What was the currency of indus valley?

Mostly grain and valuable minerals such as copper and other precious metals.

Plus what was the Aztec currency?

The Aztecs used cocoa beans as their cuurancy because they were very valuable at that time

What makes paper money valuable?

it is the US currency and is signed by the Treasurer and Secretary of Treasury in Washington D. C.

What country have the strongest or most valuable currency?

elana mcclendon is the best and the most flawlest girl ever

What is the worlds most valuable coin?

The world's most valuable coin is the rare currency at the Smithsonian. The two coins are the 1933 Double Eagle which was the last $20 gold coin and its 1849 brother.

How is gold used?

it is used for currency in some places and is very valuable gold can also be used for jewelry and industrial purposes

Will us dollar currency rise in future?

It already is rising. In due time, the US Dollar will uphold it's claim as the most valuable currency, gve or take 5 to 10 years.

What is 1000000000000 Zimbabwe worth in us currency?

Because of its runaway hyperinflation, Zimbabwe no longer has a national currency. An old Zimbabwe bank note is now only valuable as a collector's item or a novelty.

What are the advantages of blood diamonds?

If you are a warlord, rebel or criminal, you may have an advantage in possessing valuable, portable 'currency' for the price of human lives.

Is a Ten dollar bill with serial number misprint valuable?

Maybe. Or maybe it's a forgery ;-) Bring it to a coin/currency dealer for an estimate.

Is Hong Kong currency and china currency different?

Yes, the currency in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Dollar.The international symbol for the Hong Kong dollar is HKD.The currency in China in the Yuan, international symbol CNY.

Importance of foreign exchange rate?

The foreign exchange rate helps determine the value of money. When the exchange rate is high, then the currency is less valuable.

Why was gold chosen as the metal for currency and when?

It was precious, beautiful, and rare, still is, and has been valuable since it was first discovered, which at the least was thousands of years ago.

What valuable metal is used for jewelry coins and photographic films?

While it is now never used in currency, the metal silver is used in jewellery and photography.

Why were iron bars important to Sparta?

Their initial currency was iron rods (obols), as iron was a valuable metal, used in steel for weapons and agricultural tools.

Where can you exchange old Turkish lirasi in the Philippines?

Old Turkish Lira are a defunct currency and only valuable as collector's objects. You cannot exchange them anywhere in the world.