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What is the value 1964 Winchester model 101?


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What is the value of a Winchester model 101 bought new in 1964?


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The value of a winchester model 101 all depends on its condition. In poor condition it could be worth $400.00. in excellent mint condition it could be upwards of $2500.

depending on condition, $800.00 to $1700.00

Your Winchester model 101 20ga shotgun was made by Winchester in june,of 1966.

Do a web search on "Winchester Model 101". Without a description I can only give you a broad price range of 500-2500

A Winchester 101 shotgun was used primarily for hunting. The best and most accurate way to find out the value of a firearm is to check with a gun dealer.

10-1000 USD or more depending on specifics

I would say that your Winchester model 101 was made in the mid 1970,s.

Your serial number indicates that your Winchester model 101 was made in June,1969.

Your winchester model 101 was made in 1966 by winchester.

if your winchester model 101 sporting is a current model(made since 2007)its value is between 800dollars for a gun with 60%original finish,up to 1450 dollars for a shotgun with 90% original finish remaining.

With the serial number provided;your Winchester model 101 was made in June of 1969.

My records indicate that the highest serial number for the Winchester model 101 shotgun is at 229,500.Are you sure of your Winchesters model number?

I would say that with the serial number that you provided,your Winchester model 101 shotgun was produced in the year 1972.

How much is a model 101 12 gauge with the serial number 14 5085 worth

You will have to call winchester on that question.The serial numbers available to the public on the model 101 only go as high as 229,500.

My information suggests that you have a Winchester model 101 which was chambered in either 28 gauge or 410 gauge,which was made in August of 1970.

Your serial number indicates that you have a winchester model 101 in 20gauge.This shotgun was made by winchester in 1966.

try I found the 101 manual here.

i believe that your Winchester model 101 shotgun was made in either 1972,or 1973 with the serial number that you have provided.

Model 301 is unfamiliar. No record is found with that number. There is however a Winchester model 101, and it was made in the Pigeon Grade. The model 101 is an Over/under design and was made in several different configurations.

Your serial number identifies your Winchester model 101 shotgun as being chambered in 20ga,and having been made in March of 1966.

I would direct you to contact Winchester directly for your answer.My records for the model 101 only go as high as serial number 245,000.

Winchester 101 serial number 228484 was produced towards the end of 1970. Hope this helps, Neil...

Need the serial number to answer your question.

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