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What is the value and age of a Winchester 94 30 30 serial number 1841821 with original parts and 95 percent of original blue stock and forearm are walnut in very good condition?


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The year of manufacture for serial number 1841821 is 1952 The Blue Book of Gun Values says $150 to $395 for 1940 to 1964 production models wit 95% being $350 Prices are subjective and regional but it gives you a starting point


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Before a price can be determined we must establish what model of Winchester shotgun that you have,and determine the overall condition of your shotgun.How much blueing is remaining,how much original finish is left on the wooden forearm,and butt stock?Is the bore inside the barrel in good condition?All these factors determine the value of your shotgun.also include the model number,along with the serial number to help identify what shotgun that you have from Winchester.

remove pin from end of magazine tube at barrel muzzle, pull magazine tube from forearm, forearm is now ready to be lifted off barrel

Try Numrich Arms, they have a website and a lot of used parts.

Bottom of the receiver, right in front of the lever mechanism where the forearm attaches.

The serial number should be stamped on the bottom of the receiver next to the forearm.

Go to Numrich Gun Parts Corp.They may be found on the web.

Depends on the condition of the gun. Original stock, forearm and barrel Barrel length and choke size. Most important, was it made in Belgium Average condition $350-$500 Excellent condition, Belgium made, original componets $850-$1,000. If you still have the box add $500 to $800

The Winchester model 1895 was a rifle,not a shotgun.If you are reffering to your shotgun being made in 1895,Then I would need to know the model number and serial number to give you a accurate value along with the shotguns overall condition(amount of blueing remaining,and finish to the buttstock and forearm).

The serial number is found on the under side of the gun before the forearm.

your model 1873 Winchester was made in 1888,any Winchester 1873 has quite a bit of value,that being said it should vary according to the amont of blueing on the barrel,the barrel inside condition(any pitting),wood finish left on the wood,any cracks in the stock(forearm and buttstock)?You may get a value on this if you have a book by s p fjestad.It is called the blue book of gun values.

Your Winchester model 1906 rifle which was made in the year 1913 will bring between 175-600 dollars depending on the amount of original finish remaining.The prices stated are based on your rifle having between 10%-70% of its original finish remaining,and a good bore.You may add 20% if your rifle has a non grooved forearm,or is chambered in .22 short caliber.

Daisy model 94 Carbine (not Winchester) Plastic stock and forearm. dummy hammer. 1955-62. Part of the Red Ryder series.

No, it will not. Check this website for a 1400 stock and forearm. Under the description it specifically states that it will not fit the sears 300 model.

The value of your Winchester model 1906,pump action .22cal rifle is between 175-675 dollars based on it having anywhere from 10%-80% of its original finish remaining,and a good bore.If you have a rifle with the non-grooved forearm add 20% to the above listed values.You may also do the same if it is chambered for .22cal short only.

On the under side of the receiver, right ahead of the lever mechanism. Just behind where the forearm contacts the receiver.

your best bet would be numrich gun parts corp.They can be found on the web.

The wrist is distal to the forearm. The forearm is proximal to the wrist.

the forearm is spring loaded just pull on the forearm like you were opening it but dont flip the lever, after that open it like normal and the barrel will pull off you may have to open it more than normal. reassemble in the reverse.

your forearm is not a joint

The bones in your forearm are the radius and ulna. The ulna is the main forearm bone, and the radius is the supporting forearm bone.

Your best chance is Midwest Gun Works, do an internet search for their site.

The forearm is proximal to the wrist. The wrist is distal to the forearm.

-The boy had cuts and bruises on his forearm. -The war veteran lost his forearm in Vietnam. -I hurt my forearm playing sports.

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