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go to and check the value of similar guns.

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Q: What is the value and rarity of a Marlin 1893 TD rifle with checkering on the fore stock and pistol grip a 24 inch round barrel and an attached rear peep site chambered 32 special with good bluing?
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Did marlin make a 41 magnum lever action rifle?

Yes the Marlin Model 1894FG is chambered in .41 mag.

What type of ammo does a model 781 marlin 22 use?

The marlin model 781 was chambered for the .22 long rifle.

What is year of manufacture of Marlin Original Golden 39a 20289475 and why no checkering on the stock?

The 20 indicates that your gun was made in 1980. Marlin did not checker the stocks on the 39a at that time period.

Can you shoot 308in a marlin 30aw?

NO! Your Marlin model 30aw(all weather) was chambered in 30-30Win.That is the only cartridge that will fire correctly in your rifle.

Will a Marlin Model 1895 chambered for 45 70 fire 45 Colt ammo?

Do not try this!

What is the value of a Marlin model 1893 lever action in 25-35 cal with special smokeless steel stamped on the barrel?

Marlin did not make a model 1893 in .25-35 cal. The Marlin 1893 was chambered for the .25-36 Marlin caliber. Values depend on many things, including condition, and special order features. Without this info, a price can not be determined. According to data from Cartridges of the World, The 25-35 cartridge can be fired in a rifle chambered for the 25-36 Marlin, but with the warning that many rifles chambered for the 25-36 are not strong enough to withstand the maximum load and all factory 25-35 loads exceed the 2000 FPS MV suggested for the 25-36. I think a Marlin 1893 should to be able to handle it but check with a gunsmith first. I believe the Marlin Model 1893 comes in multiple calibers I own a Marlin Model 1893 in a 38-55 that has the words special smokeless steel, I believe the round can be loaded with smokeless powder that equals the pressures of 55 grains of black powder. I paid $400 for my Marlin it retains about 90% of the bluing am not sure if that is an average price but may be a starting point. Hope this is of some help 9393 (hammerhead)

Marlin rifle model 94 30-30?

The Marlin 1894 is a short action designed for pistol sized ammo. They're typically found in .357 magnum or .44 magnum. They were produced a few years in .22 magnum also.They can be found in .41 magnum and a cowboy version in .45 Colt. The Winchester 1894, or later just the 94, is chambered in .30-30 and .32 special. The Marlin rifle chambered in .30-30 is the 336 or one of its many sub-models. Hope that helps.

What is the age of a marlin 336 RC serial j232l5?

The letter J prefix to the serial number indicates that your Marlin model 336RC(Regular Carbine) was made in the year 1952.I have one myself that was made in 1950.It is chambered in 32 special and I really enjoy it.It shoots like a dream.

What was the mfd of this marlin lever action 30-30 made- serial no 10029548 there is not any checkering to furniture?

The year of manufacture for 10 = 1990.

Marlin model 3000 cannot find any information on this in any of the books What is the circa and parent model?

The Marlin Model 3000 was the chain-store version of the Model 336. They added a gold trigger, gold bead sight and have no checkering.

What is the difference between a Marlin 1894 Cowboy and a Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited?

The Limited had a 24" bbl., straight stock, no checkering, and a smaller forearm . Two versions - 1/2 round, 1/2 octagon, and full octagon.

What year is a Marlin 336 micro groove barrel s ac64xxx chambered in 30 30 win?


What is the recommended round for a marlin model 336w?

they were chambered in 30-30 so, perhaps you should try that first.

Will a Marlin Model 1895 chambered for 45-70 fire 45 Colt ammo?

If it is chamberd for it, yes.

How old is a marlin lever action 38 w with serial 67044?

If I understand your question correctly,you have a Marlin lever action rifle chambered in 38WCF(38-40).If that is the case,then you have a Marlin model 1889 rifle,that was made in the year 1892.

How can you find the age or year of manufacture for 45-70 Marlin model1895 rifles?

This can be accomplished by providing the serial number to your Marlin model 1895 lever action 45-70 chambered rifle.

How many Marlin 336 0ctagons were produced in 1973?

2,414 Model 336 Octagons were made in 1973 all chambered in .30-30.

Can you fire 44 Special and or 44 mag out of a 444 Marlin rifle?

No, you can not. The 44 Special can be fired in any firearm chambered and marked for the 44 Magnum cartridge. The 444 Marlin is a rifle cartridge (much longer than either the 44 Spl or 44 Mag), and is much more powerful. The 44 Spl and 44 Mag. were designed as handgun cartridges, but have been adapted to a small number of lever-action carbines. Bert H.

What is a marlin model 30as?

The Marlin model 30AS was a No frills model of the model 336 marlin lever action rifle.This model was formerly a model of the Glenfield line of rifles.They were made from 1983-2000.These rifles were chambered in 30-30 Win.only.They had a 20in.barrel and a walnut finished birch stock.

What year was marlin model 336 32 special cal serial F25689 made?

The marlin model 336, 32 special was made in 1949. f25689=the letter in front of the number justifies the year.

Is there a 336 that is 35 cal?

Yes! In 1950 Marlin introduced a 336 chambered for the .35 Remington caliber. They are still available in this caliber. In 1983 they also introduced a 336ER chambered in .356 Win., but it was discontinued in 1986, so they are very hard to find! Hope this helps! Vall

How big is a blue marlin?

The biggest ones are 2000 pounds but I heard of and saw a picture on the attached website of them.

What is the value of an 1896 Marlin lever action 45-90 in very good condition?

There was no Model 1896. The Model 1895 was chambered in .45/90, though. If that is what you have, it could be worth a couple of thousand dollars. There was a model 1896 made it is not in regular books you have to call Marlin to find out the information. (800)544-8892. I have a Marlin model 1896 govt. issue 45-70. It was made in 1941 but I am waiting for info from the Marlin companies antiques and historian dept. to get back with me on my information.. Please contact Marlin and let them help you they are very happy to do so. And you may have something that is really special . Be careful there are people that would tell you different just to get their hands on your rifle.

What ammunition does a Marlin 1887 shoot if it has 32W stamped under the hex barrel?

I'm assuming you have a Marlin model 1889, not 1887, as they never made a model 1887. The 1889 does have a patent date of 1887 on the barrel, so this is a common mistake. Any Marlin marked ".32W" on the barrel will normally be chambered for the .32-20 Win. cartridge.

What is a 12 gauge marlin glenfield model 778 shotgun A60207?

its a gun.Your Marlin model 778 shotgun is a slide action shotgun chambered in 12ga.Magnum.It was available in barrel length,s from 38inches.It weights 7 3/4lbs. and was discontinued in the year 1984.Yours was made by Marlin sometime between 1969-1984.