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What is the value for a model 6 Remington in fair shape?

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350.00 if in fair to good shape.

your Remington is going for 130 dollars in fair shape to 295 dollars for one in very good condition.

They were produced from 1939-1962, and I've seen them at auctions going for $90-300.

In poor condition it is worth as little as $800, in fair condition $3,000, like new $8,000, brand new in box $12,000

Manufactured from 1960 to 1980, the range for the standard grade is: Exc VG Good Fair Poor 325 275 225 175 125

If only in 'fair' condition, around $200-$250.

The value of your 1972/73 vintage Model 94 is relatively low, especially in "fair" condition. Typical value is $100 - $150.

If the Tioga is in good to excellent shape, I would consider $76 to be a fair to good price.

If you can find a Remington Sportsman 78 for less than $300 and it is in good condition buy as many as you can. $400 - $500 would be fair.

Depending on the shape roughly $350-400 in fair shape to $550-600 in excellent shape.

The range is: NIB Exc VG Good Fair Poor 225 200 175 150 125 100 While the above answer is true to book but Market shows that with the rarity of the 870 in a .410 it is $400 NIB when you can find them with an average of about $250 for VG.

$1,975.00 in very good condition. Fair condition may fall around $1,500 or so.

As with any firearm, value will depend upon condition. A used Remington Model 742 in .308 (a desireable chambering) will vary in value from $US 250 in fair condition to as high as $US 600 in New In the Box condition. Yours in average condition will probably value at $US 400, depending upon the market in your area.

A US Army NRA musket in fair values at $800 The US Army musket in fair at $850.

The model 100 was made between 1940 and 1950. In FAIR condition it is worth between $115 to $160.

Exc.350 V.G.275 Good.225 Fair.150 Poor.100

Less than $100. If in only 'fair' condition, about $50.

Around $380 in fair condition. But, this can change a lot.

I am the one asking the question about the springfield us model 1878 and it's value. I have (2) in very good shape that i acquired a while back and would know the fair market value so when i decide to trade or sell them i can be on an even playing field. you van e-mail me at thank you.

Depending on condition, about $170-$250 (for an excellent specimen) There is a fair collector interest in the Remington Nylon rifles, although the semi-autos get the most attention.

Hopefully it is in better shape than NRA Fair, which would indicate that it has no original finish and needs repair. But even in Very Good or Fine condition it will be worth less than $100.

The collector value of your Model 94 can only be assessed by a visual inspection & evaluation. Old Winchesters are very much like old classic automobiles... the graded condition and factory originality are the key factors in determining what they are truly worth.

I own a Remington Nylon 66 BD and it's in perfect condition the current price for it is $820.00. It does depend on the condition of the gun and the model of the Remington 66. I have seen the same rifle models go for $610, but they were in fair condition. In 1967-1968 the serial numbers were located in the bottom of the barrel 3" back from the muzzle and should be 19012-473710. The lower serial numbers were made in 1967 and the higher serial numbers where made in 1968. If you not sure which model of Remington Nylon 66 you have check out wikipedia and you should find your answer there or find a local gun expert.

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