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What is the value of American military money from World War 2?


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January 20, 2008 5:58PM

Military personnel deployed in other countries (protective or occupation) are generally paid in military scrip, which prevents legal tender from going into the black market, plus it is an excellent way of keeping tabs on military payments and spending. This type of scrip can be exchanged through the military for legal tender upon return to the home nation. Military occupying powers have also been known to issue occupation scrip for local civilian use as a means of controlling the local economies. What is scrip worth? Technically, if you take it to the military, they "should" offer you the same dollar value as listed on the scrip, but I suspect that they will simply refuse to do anything with it. Outside of the military, it probably has some collectible value and, like all collectible things, there is no telling what someone is willing to pay for it (the price will be contingent upon its physical condition). Check some auction sites to see if any scrip is being sold and at what price.