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1904 gun. Value is determined by originality, condition, and any special features that might be present. The 1893 was offered as a takedown, special barrel lengths or sights could be ordered, upgraded wood, the list goes on. Without knowing these things, value can range from $300/350 to over $1000. Digital pics would be a big help.

2006-07-24 10:15:13
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Where can you buy an original stock for Marlin Safety Model 1893 30-30 with an octagonal barrel serial number 294484?

Take-off wood for the Model 1893 is virtually nonexistant. To replace the stock, you will probably need to start with a good replacement part and finish to match the forend.

What is the value of 1891 Marlin Safety octagonal barrel 32-20?

marlin made 1993 rifles and 1889 rifles, barrels are about $75 if good, the rifles are about $250 to $500 , all calibers are about equal.

What is the value of a marlin model 1893 octagonal barrel 3030 and serial number 294777?


What is the value of a Marlin 39 AR 22 caliber lever action rifle with an octagonal barrel?

Exactly how is that barrel marked?

What year was a Marlin Lever Action Model 1893 manufactured and what caliber is serial 203475 Special Smokeless Steel on an octagonal barrel with Marlin Safety on top of the action?

Roughly 1900. Since Marlin mixed serial numbers between models on the early levers it can be hard to pin down exactly. As to caliber, look on the top flat of the barrel.

When was a Marlin Model 1893 .38-55 serial number 319858 with octagonal barrel manufactured?


When was your Marlin lever action 30-30 with octagonal barrel made and what is an approximate value?

Serial number 332055

What is the value of Marlin Safety Model 1893 30-30 with an octagonal barrel serial number 313171?

Your Marlin model 1893 rifle,which was made by Marlin in the year 1905 have been selling for between 800-1,200 dollars.This of course depends on the amount of original finish remaining,and the overall condition of your rifle.

When was a Marlin Model 1893 38-55 serial number 330962 with octagonal barrel manufactured?

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What is the age of a Marlin Model 38 pump with an octagonal barrel?

The model 38 Marlin was made from around 1921-30. It was called the model 32 when it came out in 1915, but was dropped during the War, and renamed after the War.

What is the value of the oliver Winchester original octagonal barrel?

Just the barrel?

I have an 1892 Marlin 22 octagonal barrel tang peep site in 95 percent NRA -- says Marlin Safety on topstrap -- I bought it in 1948 and now I want to sell it -- what price should I ask?

Is the the site only or the gun/site combo? If this is the site only it should be worth around $35. When are you looking to sell?

What is the value of a marlin fire arms co 1889 32-20 marlin safety octagon barrel rifle?

A Marlin 1889 .32-20 Safety octagon barrel rifle in good condition (75 - 80 % finish in metal, most of original finish on wood, NO modifications) should be worth about $800.00 to $1,200.00 dollars.

What is my marlin lever action 38-40 pistol grip serial 34195 no model designation 24 octagonal barrel marked marlin safety in script 3 patents through Aug 1893 top ejection?

Its probably a model 1894 & should be marked as such on the upper tang. Prior to the model 1894 Marlin made a Model 1889 in the same calibres that was not marked. But, a 1889 should only have 2 patent dates, 1887 & 1889 I believe. It is possible you have a model 1889 with a model 1894 barrel on it.

Is there any functional advantage of an octagonal rifle barrel over a round barrel?


Where can you find information about a 30-30 Marlin safety Model 1936 serial 792 with The Marlin Firearms Corp and Special Smokeless Steel stamped on the barrel?

Marlin Firearms is still in business. Check with them.(

Does Marlin make a 17HMR barral for the Marlin model 882?

No. Also, Marlin does not sell the barrel for the 882 as a component part. The Model 17 barrel can be installed, but again finding the barrel is a problem. The existing barrel can be relined to .17HMR.

How old is this Marlin 1893 serial 418616 chambered in 30-30 with full Octagonal barrel?

i would probably place your marlin as having been made in either 1909 or 1910.The last recorded serial number for these rifles was in 1906 with the serial number being 355,300.

Is an octagonal rifle barrel more resistant to vibration waves than a round barrel?

Weight is the main factor

How much is a Marlin 30-30 Zane Grey Century model with an octagonal barrel worth?

I just paid 450.00 for one in used but very good condition at a gun store in pa....hope this helps.

What year was a Winchester 1894 serial 206653 with an octagonal barrel made?


What is the worth of e Remington and sons 22 octagonal barrel number 15869?

Octagonal barrel could be a plethora of different guns anywhere from a rolling block to a pump. Need to identify what it is first and condition, condition, condition for values.

Value of a 1890 Winchester 22 short octaganal barrel?

Value of a 1980 Winchester rifle 22 short octagonal barrel?

What Winchester barrel will fit a marlin 120 magnum shotgun?

Try a 1300 barrel

Value of a Winchester 32-20 model 1892 with octagonal barrel?