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The Model 21 was made in Grades A, B, C, and D. 'A' would be a rather plain gun, 'B' would have a higher quality of wood, 'C' would have some engraving, and 'D' would be extensively engraved. For the four grades in 80% condition, the Blue Book indicates values of $165, $305, $415, and $715, and in 100% condition, $325, $495, $635, and $1,320.

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Q: What is the value of Marlin shotgun model 21?
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When was the Marlin Model 21 shotgun made?

Your Marlin model 21,which was the straight grip version of the model 19 shotgun,was made from 1906-1907 by the Marlin Firearm Company.

Ted Williams model 21 12ga pump shotgun?


Is a marlin model 21 shotgun safe to shoot?

When in doubt have a qualified gunsmith examine your Marlin model 21 shotgun.It is far cheaper to have it examined,then to loose your eye sight or worse.

How much is Sears Ted Williams model 21 12-gauge shotgun worth?

my husband has the ted Williams model 21 12-guage shotgun and we were wondering the value of the gun

How much is Sears Ted Williams model 21 12 gauge shotgun worth?

my husband has the ted Williams model 21 12-guage shotgun and we were wondering the value of the gun

What years was the Marlin 21 shotgun made?

1899 THRU 1904

What is the value of a Winchester model 21 28guage 28inch barrel factory made average condition shotgun?

If you are willing to get your winchester model 21,28 gauge shotgun authenticated by a winchester facory letter,then this shotgun could range in price from 25,000-30,000 dollars because it is generally believed that less that 100 model 21 shotguns were made by the winchester custom shop during the production of the winchester model 21.There was a production of 32,500 model 21 shotguns made between the years 1931-1988.Only 1100 were made by the winchester custom shop.You may get a letter on your winchester model 21 shotgun by contacting the the Cody firearms museum located in Cody,Wyoming.I would certainly have this shotgun valued by a qualified winchester collector assoc.member.

Can you shoot steel shot in a Winchester model 21 shotgun?

Not recommended

What is the value of a 20 gauge Winchester Model 21 field grade shotgun?

Depends on the exact configuration and condition. Range from 1000-50000 USD.

What is the value of a Winchester model 21 20 gauge?

If you have a Standard model 21 Winchester with no ingraving,then the value would be 5,000 dollars for a shotgun with 90% of its original finish remaining.Becauseyou do not say what grade of Winchester model 21 you have,and the overall condition of the shotgun in question it would be difficult to access a distinct value to your shotgun.Be aware that because you have a 20 Gauge the above listed price should be 25% more because of the chambering in 20 gauge.The next values will be for the model 21 custom grade with No 6 engraved receiver.9000-10,000 dollars for a model with 95% of its original finish remaining.The model 21 grand american grade with 2 sets of barrels with forearms and No 6 engraving with gold inlays,19,500-23,000 dollars based on the shotgun having 95% of its original finish remaining.I hope that you find this info helpful.

What is the age of your Winchester model 21 12 gauge double barrel shotgun serial 1324?

"Your" Winchester Model 21 Double Barrel Shotgun was manufactured in 1933, giving it an age of 77 years, as of 2010.

What is age and value of Winchester model 21 serial number 736?

Your Winchester model 21 which is a hand made shotgun was made in the year 1932.Winchester made 330 model 21,s that year.The value cannot be determined without a much more detailed description of your shotguns overall condition including the bores.I would have a member of the Winchester collectors assoc.evaluate your shotgun.Winchester model 21,s can bring a very respectable price today.

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