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10-1000 USD depending on specifics.

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Your serial number indicates that your Winchester model 74 was made in the year 1939,which was the first year of production.Production was from 1939-1955.

You would need to provide the model number and serial number to get a correct answer to your question.

May not have a serial number. They were not required by law on rifles and shotguns until 1968. If it never had one, and was made before then, it is perfectly legal.

In order to give your the correct answer you seek.I will need to have the model of Winchester and the overall condition of the rifle in question.Please include the amount of original finish remaining and the bore,s condition,along with the serial number that you supplied.

You will have to contact the Cody Firearms Museum to find out.

Your winchester model 1892 was made by winchester in 1906.

They did not SN# all the 1890 winchester 22 short because I also have one and it has not been removed

I'm guessing that first number is a 7, not a 1. (73667) ... I own one with a similar serial number. If that is the case, The year of manufacture for serial number 73667 is 1941.

Your winchester model 74 was made in the first year of production for this model.That year is 1939.

You would need to post the model number of the gun in question, Winchester made a whole bunch of bolt action rifles chambered in .22 rimfire

Without you providing a serial number there is no way of knowing.I can say that the Winchester model 64 was made from 1933-1957.There was also a short run of these made from 1972-1973,with a total of 8,250 made.

No way of knowing without you providing a detailed description of the guns overall condition,and a serial number to age the Winchester model 62A pump action .22cal rifle in question.

I can say that your Winchester model 1894 Big Bore(hence the BB before the serial number) was only made from 1983-1989,by Winchester.These rifles did not sell well and that explains the short production run.

The problem is- there was no Model 80 pump rifle. However, there IS a Model 90- with a 9 that is often misread as an 8. That serial number was made in 1922.

your Winchester model 67 was made in between 1934-1963 in the amount of 383,000 rifles.If it is a boys rifle it has a 30% premium.If not it would be worth 200-250 dollars.

There is no serial number but the dates of manufacture were 1937-1963 for the 69A. Mine has short, long, and long rifle spelled out, ans some that I've seen(later years?) have this abreviated.

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