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What is the value of Winchester Model 250 22 caliber Deluxe rifle serial number 185870 in good condition and what year was it manufactured?


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in 1963 the model 250 lever action .22 RF rifle was introduced. not sure how much it's worth though


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The Winchester model 88 manufactured in 1961, 358 caliber is worth $3,900 in excellent condition. In fair condition, it is worth $999.

Your Model 03 Winchester was manufactured in 1909. They are quite collectable and are selling for between $800 and $ 1,200.

With the serial number that you have supplied,your Winchester model 9422M in .22 WMR caliber was made in the year 1974.

It was manufactured in 1928. It is .30 caliber (30 Winchester Center Fire is another name for the 30-30 cartridge). The value will depend on the condition and originality.

The Winchester model of 1917 rifle was only chambered in 1 caliber.That was the 30-06 Gov. caliber.

If you are talking about the model 92 it was manufactured in 1926.

Winchester Model 1882, 32-20 caliber, what is the value good condition

Your Winchester was manufactured in 1974. It is worth $150 to $350, depending on condition.

go to: bring up Winchester rifles and check condition and price of those listed.......................

depending on condition, probably between $850 and $1100. If it's been modified in any way, that detracts from the value, no matter how nice the modification was done.

Double check the markings. For all intents and purposes, Winchester did/does not make revolvers.

Model 94 serial number 1610503 was manufactured in the year 1949. The value will be completely dependent upon the caliber and graded condition. Bert H.

The Winchester 25-20 caliber was first chambered in the Winchester model 1892 rifle/carbine which was made from 1892.The last chambering that I have found was in the Winchester model 43 bolt action rifle that was produced from 1949-1957.I would surmise that this caliber was available from 1892-1957.

depending on condition manufactured after 1964....$550.$700.00

Winchester didn't make it, Remington did. Worth 222-350 depending on condition and lust level of buyer

Your Winchester was manufactured in 1967. The value will be determined by its condition, but won't be more than about $300.

A Winchester model 70 sporter is going for 250-500 dollars depending on condition.

Depending on the condition, anywhere from $500-1000.

I would need for you to describe the model number,caliber and overall condition of your rifle,to be able to answer your question.

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