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It is worth anywhere from 80-250 dollars depending on condition.


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What model of rifle are we talking about?I would need to know along with the age of the rifle to give you a accurate value.

How do you remove the forend from a Winchester model 190 22 cal. rifle for refinishing?

The value of a model 1876 Winchester rifle caliber 4560 would be dependent upon a number of factors. The most important of these factors would be the condition of the rifle.

what is the value of a Winchester model 190 semi automatic rifle.The Winchester model 190 rifle is valued between 65-150 dollars for a rifle showing between 60%-90%of its original finish and a good bore.

your Winchester model 290 in good condition should be in the range of 200-275 dollars.

the model 90 is a much cherished little 22 cal rifle. value depends on condition. $300 to over $1000

Your Winchester model 1890 .22 cal rifle was made by Winchester in 1912.

Your winchester model 52,.22 cal rifle was made by winchester in 1935.

The year that the model 70 .222 cal Winchester rifle was made was in the year of 1936. However, this model continued to be made up until 2006.

its worth about $70 depending on how beat up it is.

0-300 USD depending on EXACTLY what you have and its condition.

What do you want to know?

the Winchester model 52B is a 22 cal target rifle of good quality. value depends on averall condition as well as the model type...........................

The value of a 1972 Winchester model 70 270 cal is between $760 to $800. This is good condition price.

As far as my research indicates,winchester did not make a model 190 .22 cal rifle for sears(J.C.Higgins).

The year that the model 70 222 cal Winchester rifle was made was in the year 1936. However, they were continued to be made up until the year of 2006.Ê

Value of a 1892 2520 winchester

Winchester did not make a model 1911 pump action 22 cal rifle,They did make a model 1890,a model 1906,a model 61,and a model 62 pump action 22 caliber rifle.Please include the amount of original finish remaining on your rifle,and bore condition to get a accurate value,once the model number is determined.

what is the value of a Stevens modle 49 22 cal pump rifle.

value of Remington targetmaster model 41 cal 22rifle

Your winchester model 1890 pump .22 cal rifle was made in 1904.these rifles are best evaluated by a winchester collectors assoc.member,or a qualified gun collector to asses the features you may have on the gun,and the amount of overall original finish.These will set the price for your winchester model 1890 rifle.

The model 1860 - 1866 CAL Winchester Rifle would be worth alot. It should be worth around 500 to 1000 dollars. This is because it is a unique antique now.

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