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During WWII, German coins & currency were highly produced, just as they were here in the U.S., which make just about all of it common and worth very little. If you can be more specific as to what you have, perhaps we can be more specific as to what it's worth.

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Is there any value to German money from world war 2?

there is value to german money from ww2 but only because it's money

What is the value of a german world war 1 bayonet?

The value of the German World war 1 Bayonet ranges between $70 and about $90. They are costly because of there very unique designs.

Why did the German lose the world war 2?

ran out of money

How much is German money from World War 2 worth?

1000000 in the world

What was German inflation after world war 1?

Inflation in general is when money loses its value. After World War I, the Treaty of Versailles forced Germany to pay reparations to Britain and France. During the war, the government had printed more money to finance the war. Germany's emperor was deposed in the final days of the war and when the new democratic government needed to pay those reparations, they printed more money. The German mark was losing a lot of value. Eventually, they went into hyperinflation - in 1923, one American dollar was worth over a trillion German marks.

What was the German money called in World War 2?

The German currency was the Reichsmark (abbreviated RM).

What is the value of a German 1000 mark dated 21 April 1910?

German money from before World War 1 is no longer legal tender. Its value as a collectible is only a few dollars unless it is uncirculated or nearly uncirculated.

What is the value of a world war 1 German bayonet?

The value is there live in close range they don't die

How was German economy in World War 2?

The economical value was undisplicitably horable

What is the value of a German World War 2 countrfeit white fiver?

$2 million

The main reason for german inflation after world war 1 was?

Bad Judgement. The government chose to print more money instead of taxing people. However, there was still only so much backing up the money and the German mark lost value.

What is the value of a World War 2 Nazi German SS dagger?

Around 800- 1000

What kind of money do Germans use?

The money in World War 2 was called: Marks The money the German use today is called: Euros

What is value of Japanese money from World War 2?

$10 see ebay

What is the value of a German World War II coin?

less than a $1 to a collector -try ebay

What is German for World War I?

"der Erster Weltkrieg" is the correct German term for "World War one"

How much is a World War 1 German Luger valued at?

value depends on condition. estimate $900 and up

What is the value of a mint condition Mauser 6.55 German World War 2 handgun?

200-450 or so

Info on World War 2 German Model 939 bolt action?

Mauser k98 value $475

What is the value of a World War 2 German helmet worth?

value depends on overall condition. send some pics and I'll try to help.

Are World War 2 German stamps worth anything?

They have some limited value. Due to inflation and re-prints the value is fairly low.

What was the German airforce called in World War 2?

The German airforce was called the Luftwaffe in World War 2.

What did Britain want out of world war 1?

money, power, to protect France and russia from German and austria-Hungary=)

What is the value of World War I trunk?

What is the value of a world war 1 trunk

Are Japanese money during World War 2 still negotiable?

No. But some of it has value as a collectable.