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What is the value of a 1000000 Greek Apaxmai bill from 1944 in American currency?


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Your 1 Million Drachma Greek inflationary note has very little value -- they were printed like wallpaper -- perhaps a dollar from an interested buyer.


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What is the value of a 1942 greek apaxmai note? ...

That is pre-Euro Greek currency and is no longer in circulation.

The word is not "apaxmai" but rather the Greek word "ΔΡΑΧΜΑΙ" (pronounced "Drachmai" in English). The drachmai was the currency used in Greece, but is no longer in use, having been replaced by the Euro on January 1, 2002.

I believe it is a Greek coin

The Apaxmai, pronounced Drachmai in Greek, was the currency used in that country before they adopted the Euro in 2002. If Greece was still using it today, the value of 200 apaxmai against the English pound would be around £0.563 or half a pound if rounded off.

about 99 cents... found this out, i have myself a 2 apaxmai coin dated 1967... and its worth the same... its a junk coin

the new greek currency is euro. it has replaced the earlier drachmas.

draxmai (the Greek currency, before Euro) is no longer in use but the rate is fixed at 1 Euro = 340.75 Greek ΔΡΑΧΜΑΙ. You can still change your old 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000 paper draxmai bills in the Central Bank of Greece until the year 2012.

The Greek drachma is an older form of Greek currency. It was replaced with the Euro on January 1, 2002. In today's market 200 Greek drachma are worth $0.78 in United States currency.

These are only worth a few cents -- you can find them in coin dealers' misc. foreign bins.

Prior to 2001/02 (when the Euro became the new Greek national currency) the "drachma" had been the main unit of Greek currency for almost 3,000 years.

Phoenix in greek Φοίνικας

The Greek currency was the drachma. 1 us dollar is about 260 drachmae

According to what I just read, the Greek drachma which has been the currency of Greece since time immemorial has recently been replaced by the euro, the new international currency of Europe.

golden drachmas were the currency of the ancient Greek gods.

This is a measure of Greek Drachmas, which are no longer used. Drachmas have no value in US dollars.

The Greek currency is the Drachma of 100 Lepta. There are no Greek Shillings.

Greek drachma An ancient Greek currency unit found in many Greek city states from Classical times on, as well as in many of Alexander's successor states and South-West Asian kingdoms during the Hellenistic era.

Brought mine to a coin shop today, clerk said he would give me 25cents for it.. Worth more as something cool to have.

Same things modern currency is used for. Exchange of goods and services.

usually slaves didnt posses money. but depending on where they are from, or put into slavery they use local currency if any. like Persian slaves would have to use greek currency if enslaved and given to a greek.

the drachma was an ancient Greek coin. Now, the Euro is used as Greek currency.

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