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What is the value of a 10 gauge Antonio Zoli Gardone side by side?

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Gardone is the town in Brescia where the gun was produced, not the model name. Antonio Zoli 10ga guns are valued to around $600 as shooters.

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What is value of a grey eagle 20 gauge antonio zoli over and under?

I have researched zoli and they still sell these guns. The low end guns sell for $5000

Can you shoot buckshot out of a antonio zoli 12 gauge mag?


What is value of an Antonio Zoli Gardone VT 58 Cal Rifle Serial No 9572?

The value is 450.00...that is if it is excellant condition...I just bought one for 300.00...if you go to can find one that is up for sale at 450.00

What is the worth of your 20 gauge antonio zoli over and under?

this gun wasnt made at sears it was made in Germany so is there a difference in value

What is the value of a Antonio Zoli 50 caliber muzzleloader?

100-360 or so

What is an Antonio Zoli a Atlas model 208 12 gauge worth?

1500 to 2200 depending on finish an condition

What is value of an 68 caliber antonio zoli and co rifle worth?


What is the value of antonio zoli silver hawk side by side shotgun?

100-1000 or so

Who builds Antonio Zoli grey eagle shotguns?

Antonio Zoli made these fine shotguns themselves.This was in Bresica,Italy.

What is the value of a Antonio zoli shotgun?

Depends on the model and condition. Sort of like "What is a Ford car worth?"

What is the value of a 58 fara 2138 made in Italy navy arms co rifle?

{| width="95%" | colspan="2" | My deceased father's gun has this on the barrel: Navy Arms Co. / ANTONIO ZOLI - GARDONE V.T. / FARA 8011 What can you tell me about it? What caliber is it? Where can I buy a replacement for a missing ramrod? |} .

What is the value of an antonio zoli 58 caliber black powder rifel serial number 21142?

50-450 usd

What is the value of an Antonio Zoli 58 caliber black powder rifle serial nunber 27240?

depends on overall condition

What is the value of a Sears Roebuck and Company Model 281.512661 20 gauge shotgun?

The gun was made by Antonio Zoli for Sears, and is an entry-level over/under shotgun. In excellent shape, it would resell in the $350 range.

What is the Value of a 1861 58 cal Antonio Zoli replica muskatoon?

Will depend heavily on condition. Start at around $500 and go up.

What is the value of a over and under 12 gauge shotgun manufactured by Antonio Zoli and company model 281.512651?

depends on the condition it is in. if it is in fairly good condition, i would pay about 250 - 300$ for it. if its brand new id pay 350 for it. bad condition like 150.

What is the manufacture date of Antonio Zoli 58 caliber blackpower rifle serial 2124?

Serial 16008

What is the manufacture date of an Antonio Zoli 58 caliber blackpowder rifle serial 22255?

No published sn data

What is a Antonio Zoli Senator 12 ga over and under worth?

As is the case for all guns, condition and workability is paramount. The Senator was manufactured by Antonio Zoli in Italy. It is a fairly basic O/U with double triggers, extractors only, and fixed chokes, often bored full and modified. They are not bad shotguns, but nowhere nearly the quality equal to fine shotguns by Beretta, Browning, etc. Depending upon condition, fair to excellent, $200 to $450 would be a reasonable retail value range. Sears, Roebuck sold very similar Antonio Zoli O/Us as house brands.

How many pages does Zoli have?

Zoli has 352 pages.

What is the value of a Ted Williams Antonio Zoli 12GA over and under model 281512750?

Question is unanswerable without further description of exactly what you have - i.e., cosmetic condition, barrel length, chokes, single or double triggers, extractors or ejectors, engraving, any broken parts, etc. In general, any Antonio Zoli (Sears or otherwise) in VG cosmetic and perfect working condition will now sell for, depending on the factors previously mentioned, in the $350-$450 range as shooters (Sears originally sold them for less than $200). Older Antonio Zoli O/Us have no (as in none, zero) collector value or snob appeal to buoy the used-gun price, and even less so if made for Sears and so-marked. If it's beat-up or inoperable, its value will be drastically less. These are good well-made guns, but not anywhere close to being in the same class as Browning, Beretta, etc., O/Us.

When was Zoli Marki born?

Zoli Marki was born in Kirkwood, in South Africa.

When was Zoli รdok born?

Zoli Ádok was born on 1976-03-22.

When was Adone Zoli born?

Adone Zoli was born on 1887-12-16.

When did Adone Zoli die?

Adone Zoli died on 1960-02-20.