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What is the value of a 12Ga double barrel shotgun with Riverside Arms marked on it?


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2005-04-06 16:01:05
2005-04-06 16:01:05

A SxS in useable but not like-new condition will bring between $100 and $250. A 20 gauge or .410 will be in the mid to upper part of that range and a 12 or 16 gauge in the lower to middle part.


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The current Barrett Firearms does not make a double shotgun. Exactly how is your gun marked?

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Exactly how is the shotgun marked (all markings), and double-check the serial number.

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The value of a London Fine Damascus 14 gauge double barrel shotgun marked JT Sang Ford depend on its condition. This gun in excellent condition is valued between 225.00 and 320.00 as of 2014.

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