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Nothing as a useable firearm, but if it is a double barrel with large hammers, it could be worth up to $200 as a mantle decoration. Despite the "London" marking, it was probably made in Belgium around 1900 and the name was probably chosen to suggest a connection with the well-known and respected Parker Brothers shotguns.

2006-09-02 04:39:17
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Q: What is the value of a 12 gauge Ed Parker shotgun marked London Damascus with 18992 inside the handle and a military emblem on the bottom of the butt?
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Did Parker Brothers import a double external hammer Royal Damascus 12 gauge shotgun from Belgium?

No. What would the company that produced the finest American double barrel shotgun want with a utilitarian import?

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What year is a Parker Shotgun Serial number 126212

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i have a t parker double barrel shotgun im wondering how much it is worth?

What is the manufacture date of a Parker Brothers 12 gauge shotgun serial number 211687?

Your Parker Bros. shotgun was made in 1925.

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My records indicate that your Parker GH grade shotgun was made in the year 1888.

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== ==

Double barrel shotgun serial?

Parker double barrel serial #131072 what would the grade be and date made.I can say that with the serial number provided,your Parker shotgun was made in the year 1904.As to the grade,that would be impossible to say without a detailed description of the shotgun in may find that there is much info available to you thru the internet about parker shotguns that will assist you in deciding which grade of Parker shotgun you have.

What is the value of a Parker Bros 20 gauge double barrel serial 149817?

I can say that your Parker Bros.20gauge shotgun was made in the year 1908.What I would still need to answer your question whould be the grade(BHE,etc.)the overall condition of your shotgun,are the barrels Damascus(Black Powder),or nitro steel(smokeless powder),and the bore condition.Please include the amount of original finish on the metal,and wood.Are there any dents in the barrels?All this is important in giving you a accurate value to your shotgun.

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You need to give the serial number on a Parker.

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The serial of you Parker shotgun did not print in your question. But to find a date by serial number, there is a Parker Gun collector website that has a list of serial #'s and date of manufacture. The website is :

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$3500.00 $3500.00

What is the value of a Parker shotgun ser 93901?

100-10000 or more.

What is the value of a 12 gauge A Parker shotgun with double barrels hammers and triggers?

It would top out at $250 as a mantle decoration. Unless you mean a Parker Brothers shotgun. Then it could be several thousand dollars.

When was serial no 3197 Parker bros 12 gauge shotgun made?

al number indicates that your Parker shotgun was made between 1866-1868.This covers the serial number range of 0-6,800.

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