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Made in 1899. Probably worth around $350. (Watch auctions on for similar items to see what going prices are. I find that prices for Ithaca guns are generally higher in internet sales than those listed in gun value books.)

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What is the value of a new worcester 12gauge hammerless damascus double barrels?

Any where from $250 to $550. Depending on the condition of the gun.

What is the value of a 1889 Parker Brothers 12 gauge double barrel shot gun serial 81739?

It depends on the grade,hammer or hammerless,damascus,condition of case colors and wood and blueing,etc.Also a bunch of other factors like engraving,length of barrels,how they are choked.I just put $1600 in a 1889 G grade hammer with damascus in good shape...Mike

When were double damascus steel barrels made in the usa?

The use of damascus barrels on guns began to decrease pretty rapidly after 1900, although they were still fairly common up until the start of WWI. If you have a breech loading gun with damascus barrels it will probably date from 1875 - 1910. Most damascus barrels on U.S. guns seem to have actually made in Belgium. There is a lot of debate as to whether any damascus barrels for shotguns were actually made in the U.S. It seems likely there may have been small numbers produced in the U.S. However, Belgium had a large gunmaking trade at the time, with a lot of barrel makers specializing in damascus barrels, so it was generallly cheaper to import them than to make them.

Did all of SXS Knickerbockers have Damascus barrels and curl hammers?


Did NR Davis guns have Damascus barrels?

Some did, but not all.

When was the last damascus barrels sold?

They are still being made.

What is the value of a 12 gauge American Gun Company of New York Knickerbocker hammerless with genuine damascus double barrels?

If the gun is in good condition with no rust it would be a great mantle piece. Because of it's age(?) it might not be as safe to shoot modern ammo. For this, the guns' money value would be approx. $65-$125.

What year did they stop making damascus barrels?

The time of the First World War pretty much ended the importation of Damascus barrels. US manufacture started petering out in the 1890's.

You have a single shot crescent firearms shotgun marked No 15 what is the year of manufacture?

Can't be before 1892 or after 1931. If it is hammerless AND has fluid steel barrels, it is after 1903. Open hammers and/or damascus barrelled guns continued to be manufactured after that date also.

What is the value of a Hartford 16 gauge double barrel-damascus twist barrels?

About $100 or so. The damascus/twist steel barrels are generally considered unsafe to shoot with modern ammunition.

What is the age of an Empire Ejector shotgun that is a single barrel?

Empire Arms was a trade name sold by Sears Roebuck. If it has the Crescent name on it, it would date from about 1893 to 1930. If it has open hammers and damascus barrels, it is more likely to be an early gun. Hammerless guns and fluid steel barrels were introduced about 1907, but sidehammer guns were not discontinued.

Remington model 1900 double barrel shotgun the barrels are marked kec are these steel barrels are damascus barrels?

Does it read "kec" or "ked"? The Remington web site indicates 4 grades of Remington model 1900 double barrel shotguns ( Grades Offered: K - Remington steel barrelsKE - Remington steel, auto ejectorsKD - 2 stripe Damascus barrelsKED - 2 strip Damascus, auto ejectors

Did riverside arms use damascus barrels on exposed hammer shotguns?

no . riverside was mainly produced after 1914, using fluid steel barrels.

What is the age and value of a Stevens Arms and Tool Co shotgun?

If it is marked "J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co" it was made between 1886 and 1916 when "Arms & Tool" were part of the company name. Value will depend on the configuration and condition. Side hammers usually go as mantle decorations, especially if they have damascus barrels ($75 for single shots, $125-$150 for double barrels). Boxlocks (back hammer or hammerless) in good shape can bring $75 (single) to $250 (double) as shooters.

Where can you find information about a 16 gauge Victor Special single shot shotgun number 844931 manufactured by the Crescent Firearms Company?

What information would you want? Crescent made single shotguns from 1893 to 1930. If it has a large side hammer and damascus barrels, it would almost certainly be from before 1915. If it has fluid steel barrels and a center hammer (or is hammerless) then sometime after 1903.

What is the age and value of a J Stevens model 250 12 gauge double barrel shotgun with with damascus barrels and outside hammers?

Does it say J. Stevens AND Co or J. Stevens ARMS & TOOL Co or J. Stevens ARMS Co? The first would have been made from 1865 to 1886, the second from 1886 to 1915, and the third from 1920 to about 1945 (unlikely if it has damascus barrels). Value is $100 - $300 depending on condition, but only as a mantle decoration. Damascus or twist barrels were fine when they were produced, but were not intended for modern smokeless ammunition. Even if they were proofed for smokeless powder circa 1900, today's smokeless is not the same and after a century the barrels have probably deteriorated.

What is value for Parker hammer 12 gauge damascus steel barrels fine restored condition steelcase good color bluing good stock checkered hard rubber buttplate?

Depends on what model it is, remaining case colors, condition of wood.

W H Greenfield shotgun with Damascus barrels and a lot of engraving?

50-150 USD

How good are shotguns with damascus steel barrels?

DO NOT FIRE WITH MODERN AMMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST be checked out by a gunsmith.

Were all H Pieper shotgun barrels damascus or are there some that were fluid?

no not all twist barrells

Is laminated shot gun barrels better then Damascus barrels?

I'm not sure exactly what you're asking here. Generally a shotgun with Damascus barrels (those showing a spiral pattern on the outside, since they were made from spiralling layers of metal) will have been made for black powder only. In their time, fine Damascus barrels were considered a superior option, but caution should be exercised shooting such guns now, and definitely only black powder should be used. If in doubt, get the gun checked by a qualified gunsmith.

What is the value of a Charles Daly hammerless Damascus Barrels side by side 10 gauge serial 19?

Old Charles Daly guns are very collectible. Go to the BBS at and post some pics and ask opinions. Could be worth a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Looking for a rare antique browning shotgun with damascus barrel?

We cant find one for you here. Browning Arms Co never made a shotgun with damascus barrels as far as we know. Its possible that a gun was made with those barrels built on one of Brownings patents.

What is the age and vaule of your Ithaca Hammerless Damascus double barrel 12 gauage shotgun sn 34953 grade 1p?

Made in 1899. Value will depend a lot on the condition of the gun, how tightly it locks up, whether there are any cracks in the wood, the "patina" of the barrels, etc. If in very good condition it would probably bring between $350 and $500. Every now and then a similar gun will be sold at, and you could get a better idea of current value by watching those listings.

What is the age of an Ithaca damascus double barrel shotgun serial 49149?

With the serial number that you provided,your Ithaca double barrel shotgun with the damascus barrels was produced in the year 1900.

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