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What is the value of a 12 gauge Winchester Model 12 shotgun serial 1083105?

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2007-05-21 17:06:16

The Winchester Model 12 came in a verity of configurations. The

Featherweight 1959-62) had a (F) at the end of the serial number;

the Riot Gun (WWII) Trench; The Heavy Duck Gun 1935-63 solid rubber

pad 32" barrel; Skeet / Trap Gun most with Vent Rib Barrel 1938-64;

the Super Field Grade 1955-59 Vent rib deluxe walnut checkered

stock Pistol grip; and the "Black" Diamond Trap featured a small

ebony inlaid diamond each side of the grip, solid rib barrel.

Condition depending varies from $200.00 about 60% wear to $5000.00

for a perfect 100% none fired with papers and original packing.

Hope this helps - Rick

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