What is the value of a 12 gauge double barrel 5100?


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Around $250, depending on condition


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My grandfather recently gave me a Stevens 5100 double barrel 12 gauge and I did a little digging and found that Stevens produced the 5100 from 1931-1941. Value, I'm not sure about. I havn't had mine appraised yet. Shoots nice though :)

Stevens 5100 was manufactured from 1931 until 1941

$150-$350 depending on condition.

Most likely Stevens they did make a model #5100

A SxS in useable but not like-new condition will bring between $100 and $250. A 20 gauge or .410 will be in the mid to upper part of that range and a 12 or 16 gauge in the lower to middle part.

We've got quite a few parts for that model.

5100 is the Stevens model number, not a serial. These were made c. 1931-1941. The plastic was called "tenite" and often broke.

This is a Stevens gun, probably a Model 5100 or 311. Value in like-new condition could be as much as $200. If rusted or busted, then about $20.

This gun was manufactured for Sears Roebuck by the J. Stevens division of Savage Arms sometime between 1931 and 1941.

The 5100 was made from 1931 to 1941. I didn't know a single trigger was available in the Springfield line. I own an old Springfield double barrel 20 gauge, serial number E67029. Is Springfield the actual model name, I see no reference anywhere to a model 5100. How do I verify what I have. Well, Apollo50, tell us what IS marked on it and maybe we can tell you something.

yes but steel shot will eventually ruined the barrel lead will not

J. Stevens Arms used the Springfield name about 1930 - 1948. There is probably a model number (5000 or 5100 are the most likely options) on the right side of the receiver. Value, if fully functional, would be around $200-$250. A bit more if it is a .410 or 28 gauge.

That's an older gun, should have the chamber length checked. In good usable condition, about $200-$225.

The Stevens 311 was marked as model 5000 from about 1920 to 1931, then 5100 until 1941. Most references just list the 311 as if it had the same model number for the entire production period.

I have one myself, that my brother bought when he was a boy in 1961. He doesn't remember if it was new or not.

The value of ANY firearm is based on the exact make, model and condition, You did not give us enough information (serial number provides none of the 3 items we need). Eastern Arms was a brand name used by Savage for guns sold mainly by Sears. Value in good condition is likely around $100.

Most all shotguns are loaded by "breaking the barrel(s) open, particularly double barrels. Do you mean "Nylon" or possibly teonite. Stevens put a teonite stock on model 5100's (I know, I purchased one in July, 1947 in Beaumont, Texas) right after the war was over. .

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