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$18 is the value of a 1780 x countermark coin 20 piastres.

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Q: What is the value of a 1780 x countermark coin 20 piastres?
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What is the Value of a 1917 5 Piastres Egyptian Coin?

What is the Value of a 1917 2 Piastres Egyptian Coin?

What coins do Egyptians have?

In current circulation in Egypt, there are the 5 Piastres coin, the 10 Piastres coin, 20 Piastres coin, 25 Piastres coin, 50 Piastres coin, and the 1 Pound coin.

What is the value of a 1916 20 piastres coin?

The value of a 1916 20 Piastres coin depends on its condition. You could fetch anywhere between 25 and 180 US dollars for such a coin at auction.

What is the 1901 Cyprus piastres value?

1/4 piastre: $40-$3603 piastres: $50-$3004.5 piastres: $10-$1809 piastres: $30-$24018 piastres: $150-$660These values are based on a wide range of coin grades. The lower of the grades is the approximate value of a coin with a fair amount of wear (f-VF). The higher of the grades is the value of a coin that is uncirculated. Things such as scratches, dents, and heavy wear can drastically lower the value of a coin, so if you have a coin that holds these characteristics the coin may be worth much less than the price(s) provided.

What is the value of 1780 Mother Teresa coin?

There is no such coin.

What is the numismatic value of a 1780 Holandia coin?


Where are five piastres coins from?

Five Piastres are nickel plated steel coins from the country of Jordan. The coin weighs 5 grams is round in shape the diameter is 26mm and the US value of the coin is $0.07

What is the value of 1780 's mother Teresa's coin?

298 евро

What is the value of a 1907 two piastres coin?

Many of the coins are valued at a price close to $15 each. The exact price of the coin will depend upon the condition that it is in.

What is the Republique libanaise 25 piastres 1952 coin worth?

what is a 10 piastres 1955,1961 worth what is a 25 piastres 1952 worth what is a 5 piastres 1952, 1955 worth All of this in money worth now days for a collector

What is the value of a 1780 Maria Theresa Thaler?

There are a few things to realize about a 1780 Maria Theresa Thaler: Your coin was NOT minted in 1780, the Austrian mint has produced Maria Theresa Thalers fixed at Maria Theresa's death in 1780, most likely your coin was made in the 20th or 21st century. That doesn't mean your coin is worthless it just means that your coin isn't several hundred years old. Since they are restrikes, they don't have much of a premium over silver value, today they run around $25-30 depending on silver price and the condition of the coin.

How much is a 1780 Mother Teresa coin worth?

There are a lot of misunderstandings about this coin ! It has nothing to do with mother Teresa - of course, it is : Maria Theresia, Empress of Austria. The problem with this coin is, that there are about 800.000.000 coins struck in the 20th century, but with the original date 1780 ! Value : only 20 dollars...

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