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That's pretty much worth five cents unless it is in uncirculated condition. Then it might be 25 cents or so.

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Value of a centennial Canadian rabbit nickel 1867-1967?

its worth bout a 1.50

What the value of a nickel with a rabbit on it?

That's a Canadian centennial nickel from 1967. It's currently worth about 7 cents for the metal content.

How rare is a Canadian rabbit nickel?

Not very rare. Huge numbers were churned out for the Centennial celebrations and a lot were saved as keepsakes. If yours is circulated, it's only worth face value. Uncirculated might go for 50 cents.

What is the value of a Canadian nickel with a rabbit on it?

The rabbit design (actually a hare) was struck as part of the 1967 Centennial celebration. Huge numbers were made and almost immediately saved as mementos, so unless your coin is in absolutely top condition it's only worth 5 cents. It's still worth hanging on to it as a conversation piece though.

Can you eat Canadian Jack Rabbit?

There are no restrictions as yet for Canadian Jack Rabbit. So as long as it was legally hunted, you could eat it.

Are there any magazines for Canadian rabbit owners?


How much is the 1867 - 1967 nickel with the rabbit?

It's a common date, currently worth about 7 cents for the nickel content.

What is the Canada's smallest mammal?

the eastern Canadian rabbit frog

How much do rabbit xrays cost?

Ours cost $170 Canadian.

Predator-prey relationships in the taiga?

The Canadian Lynx and the Snowshoe Rabbit.

Animals that live in the Canadian prairies?


What is the value of a 1967 Canadian rabbit 5 cent piece?

25 cents

What kind of animals are in the north Canadian woods?

Deer, Raccoon Bear, Squirrel, Rabbit

What is the value of year of the rabbit Canadian stamp?

.90 c mint .25 c used

What does the Canadian lynx eat?

they can eat animals smaller then them like rabbit, and smaller cretures and some times birds

Would it be better to use the 'rabbit' speed on a narrow electrical pallet jack when taking supplies off of Canadian Truck Lines?

Yes it would better to you use rabbit speed on a narrow electrical pallet jack when taking off of a Canadian Truck Line because it would be more safer.

What animals live in Canadian north woods?

There are many different animals that can be found living in the Canadian North Woods. They include black bears, red fox, moose, snowshoe rabbit, wild turkey, raccoon, gray fox, skunk, and bobcat.

What is the scientific name of a Canadian rabbit?

All domestic rabbits, including ones in Canada, belong to the European Rabbit species and their scientific name is Oryctolagus cuniculus. There is more than one species of wild rabbit in Canada and each species has its own scientific name - one example is the Eastern Cottontail; its scientific name is Sylvilagus floridanus.

What is the name of the rabbit in The Velveteen Rabbit?

The rabbit in The Velveteen Rabbit is just called "Rabbit"; it has no other name.

What are you doing to stop introduced species in Australia?

Consider some of the following options: * Fried Rabbit * Southern Fried Rabbit * Chicken Fried Rabbit * Baked Bunny * BBQ Rabbit * McRabbit and Fries * IHOP rabbit * Captain DeRabbit. * Deli Rabbitsalami and Rabbitstrami * Biscuits and Rabbit Gravy * Rabbit pot pie * Rabbit Stew * Rabbit Casserole * Rabbit Flambe * Rabbit Kabobs * Rabbit Chowder * Rabbit Creole * Roast Suckling Rabbit * Roast Rabbit and Yorkshire pudding * Four and Twenty Rabbits baked in a Pie * Rabbit Sushi * Rabbit Haggis * Rabbit Hock and Bean Soup * Rabbit Rinds * Rabbit Jerkey * Rabbit Ragu * General Tsos Rabbit * Rabbit Kao Pao * Curried Rabbit * Corned Rabbit and Cabbage * Corned Rabbit Hash * Bunny Burgers * Bunny Bouillabaise * Hare Hamburgers * Fuzzy Wuzzy Frankfurters * Corn Rabbit * Rabbit Chile * Rabbit Wings

What is a neutered rabbit called?

A Rabbit is a rabbit.

What is a buck rabbit and a doe rabbit?

Buck - Male rabbitDoe - Female rabbitKit - Baby rabbit

Why you say rabbit to a rabbit?

'Rabbit' means a animal which have 'ears' like 'donkey' so 'rabbit' have 'donkey' like 'ears' and because of this we say 'rabbit' to a 'rabbit'.

What is a rabbit joint?

A rabbit joint is where you smoke a rabbit

Is Jessica Rabbit a rabbit?

No, but she married Roger Rabbit!

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