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What is the value of a 1871 silver quorters?

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it is a fake... 1871 does not exist in british India 1 rupee coins. one of the early counterfeit coins

I don't know ... you tell me, it's in about very fine condition

Please look at the coin again and post new question, the New Orleans Mint did not strike any dollar coins in 1871

The first Morgan dollar was issued in 1878. Please look at the date again and post new question.

Please check your coin again and post a new, separate question. Morgan dollars were minted from 1878 to 1904 and in 1921.

The intrinsic value is $14.16 with silver at $18.31 per ounce. With silver at $47/oz, the silver value is $36.36.!!

80% of the value of pure silver

There is no such coin. Canada did not have any coins over 50 cents in 1871.

Such a coin does not exist. The Royal Mint produced no Farthing coins in 1870 or 1871.

The value just for the silver is about $3.25

Silver flatware can have value as collector pieces (style, design, age) or for the silver content if Sterling Silver.

The value is about $3.00 just for the silver

What is the value of an 1864 silver dollar.

The intrinsic value is $14.16 with silver at $18.31 per ounce

17 but i am only 11 and three quorters yup yup yup ahha

QUARTERS. One-fourths (1/4) of an object or time period; $0.25 US coins.

The only value is if there is silver in it, if not no collection value at all.

The value is only for the silver about $3.25

Below is a link to find the value of silver per ounce.

90% silver U.S. quarters have a silver value of $7.50 as of 9-8-11.

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The value of a silver coin is always changing because the value of silver is always changing. See the related link below for a silver coin value calculator. This does not give the actual value of the coin but it does give the value of the metal used to make the coin. This is know as the melt value.

One Cent is the value. The US has never made a silver penny. It may look like silver or have been silver plated but it has no collectible value.

So many were made the value is for just the silver.

The value of silver changes by the hour, so yes

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