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Retail values for mint state coins of this date/mint are $186.00 MS-60/$210.00 MS-63

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An uncirculated Carson City Morgan dollar is worth around $700.00

The value for an 1879P morgan silver dollar, uncirculated, is about $45 (Red Book) price. If you have any Morgan's that have mintmark, CC, Carson City, the value goes up.

It depends on how good uncirculated condition it is in, but the range is from about $200 (in MS-60) to about $2,000 (in MS-66).

If you mean a 1882cc Morgan dollar in MS-65 retail price is $400.00 to $500.00

A circulated coin is under $185.00. Uncirculated run from $200.00 to $550.00 depending on the grade.

An 1882-CC Morgan silver dollar sells on average for $200 in uncirculated state (source This price would be for a certified coin by a reputable firm. Otherwise, the value should be 10-25% less.

In MS60 Grade uncirculated, a 1880 S Morgan Silver Dollar is worth about $52. In MS65 Brilliant Uncirculated, it is worth over $330.

One dollar, as stated on the back of the coin.

A 1885-CC Morgan Dollar in good condition is worth: $450.00.

A average Mint State 1921 Morgan is $30.00-$40.00

If you have a 1895 Morgan with a Carson-City mintmark it's fake. 1893 was the last CC Morgan dollar.

The value of 1889 Morgan silver dollar replica ranges from $23.01 to $26.76

Look at the date again. No Carson-City coins were struck in 1888.

This stuff has no numismatic collectible value. As for the value, try eBay. For some reason they do sell a lot of Morgan dollar copy's.

Nothing since that coin doesn't exist. Morgan dollars were first struck in 1878. Furthermore, the Carson City mint wouldn't strike coins until 1870. So your coin doesn't exist.

Sorry no Carson City mint marks in 1887 on a Morgan dollar. Look at the coin again.

Carson City Morgan dollars were issued for many years. Each coin has its own value based upon the year it was minted and the condition of the coin.

It depends greatly on the year and the mintmark. Without knowing that it is impossible to give a value.

Retail values are from $40.00- $70.00 for MS-60 to MS-63 coins which are the most common grades for a uncirculated 1891 Morgan

What is the value of a 1998 uncirculated silver dollar

Carson City (CC) Morgan dollars are the most valuable, but all Morgans have some value.

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