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What is the value of a 1903 nickel?



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The Liberty Head nickel was struck from 1883 to 1912*. 1903 is a fairly common date; it's worth about $1 in well-circulated condition, $10 if slightly worn, and $25 or so if in extremely fine (i.e. about uncirculated) condition.

(*) Yes, there were 5 nickels struck bearing the 1913 date that are worth a small fortune, but these were not officially authorized.


Since this coin was only minted in Philadelphia, the value depends on what condition it is in. According to USA Coin Book, a 1913 Liberty "V" Nickel is worth about $1.90 in good condition. In MS60 mint condition, it is worth about $70 and in MS63 choice uncirculated condition, it is worth about $115. Proof coins minted here are worth about $260 in PR63 choice proof condition.