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The woman is of course Miss Liberty! These are not rare dates for Liberty Head Nickels -- unless the 1912 has an "S" mintmark on the reverse at about 8 o'clock by the rim. In well-worn condition, but with complete rims and lettering on both sides, they're worth about $1.00 apiece -- the 1912-S would be worth about $100 If the word LIBERTY (in the headband) is complete and easily readable, then they're worth about $6.00 apiece -- the 1912-S would be worth about $350 Nice uncirculated ones are worth about $50 -- the 1912-S is about $1,000

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Q: What is the value of a 1911 and 1912 5 cent nickel with a woman's profile on one side surrounded by 13 stars and the Roman numeral V on the other side?
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