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UpdatedLook on the front of the coin to see if there's a small mint mark letter below the date. It may be blank or there may be a D or S.

Numismedia lists the following approximate retail values as of 08/2010:

No mint mark (Philadelphia):

Very worn condition - $0.21

Moderately worn - $0.35

Slightly worn - $0.98

Almost no wear - $8.90

Uncirculated - $14.40 to $260.00 depending on quality

"D" mint mark (Denver):

Very worn - $0.58

Moderately worn - $1.55

Slightly worn - $3.45

Almost no wear - $32.70

Uncirculated - $63.60 to $455.00

"S" mint mark (San Francisco):

Very worn - $0.35

Moderately worn - $1.09

Slightly worn - $2.88

Almost no wear - $27.50

Uncirculated - $64.80 to $2930.00

Answer1918 Wheat penny with no mint mark, good condition-$0.20, uncirculated-$25.00 with D mint mark, good condition-$0.25, uncirculated-$105.00 with S mint mark, good condition-$0.30, uncirculated-$125.00 Answer1918 = 0.12 1918-D = 0.16 1918-S = 0.14 AnswerIf it has the mint mark D or Denver than it's 16 cent and if it's an S or San Francisco it's 14 cent. These mint marks indicate where they were minted.

Got my answer from here, some guide. >>

"The wheat penny values in this price guide are the actual prices coin dealers will pay you for your wheat pennies. These are not the retail coin prices found in nearly all other coin price guides, which, if relied upon to appraise your wheat cents, will result in great disappointment when you go to sell them. If you use a wholesale coin value guide like this one, you will get an honest appraisal of what your wheat pennies are worth if you had to sell them today.

All wheat pennies are worth at least triple their face value unless they are badly damaged or almost totally worn out. Some wheatback cents, though, called key dates, are worth hundreds, even thousands of times their face value! Find out how much your wheat pennies are worth in this coin values table below. Keep in mind that these are guidelines. To get today's current market prices, you should contact a coin dealer.


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