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What is the value of a 1919 buffalo head nickel?

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2013-01-31 19:02:55

Well, it's usually called either an "Indian head" or "buffalo"

nickel since the entire buffalo is depicted.

Please see the Related Question for values.

You mean to tell me that a 1919 buffalo nickel is worth the same

as a 1919 indian head nickel??!!! WHAAAAAAAT??! All this time i was

convinced the buffalo nickel is worth A LOT more!!

You people really took me serious?!! i would have loved to see

facial expressions while reading this!! No but seriously, what do

YOU PEOPLE think is a more collectable nickel? i'm going with the

buffalo standing on a mound with a little bit of double


My dream coin, a 1969 s double die obverse lincoln penny (not

cent, there is a difference) also with mint mark error to top it

off!! geeze i would invest and retire with the money i would get

for that bad chicken!!

This Penny alone is going to skyrocket as soon as this country i

really dont want to admit i live in gets rid of it's worthless

currency! so much it will rival a 1933 $20 gold eagle coin! yes.. i

said rival, and that is ONLY if we completely discontinue coins

(stopping the production of quarters, dimes, nickels, and the

underrated PENNY)

anyways.. who's up for a debate on that subject? does anyone see

this country discontinuing coins at the mint and everything that is

for sale in the united states be completely even dollars! and if so

what is your take on the inflation of United States of America


My "in a nutshell" answer is, if we stop making coins and

change, i see what is left will become highly collectable and i'm

almost convinced that the value of coins, not even rare collectable

coins but just regular ones jumping at LEAST 6-8 times their value

in that they are prior to discontinuation of the most fun hobby i

have ever had and the most profitable thing the United States

Government has ever thought of and carried out. (i say that because

where else in the world is current currancy (well.... pre-1982)

worth MORE than face value?! if it were legal to melt government

property (coins) i believe the unemployment rat would jump

dramatically!, a 1981 regular old lincoln penny is worth a penny

and any store or bank, but melt it down to its elements you are

talking about a 300% profit! I haven't seen that kind of

opportunity since canadian money was worth 50% of what ours is

worth, i mention this as profit bacause well, as a young dumb

teenager, me and a couple buddies used to ride up to the canadian

border and buy $200-$300 bucks worth of rolled canadian quarters

and bring them back to the states, take both canadian quarters out

of either end of the roll and replace them with american quarters!

so they end up looking like all american! we would make $10 dollars

on every $5 dollars we spent.. unfortunately now we are knocking on

third worlds door canada has been fluctuating between even with our

dollar to being worth more that american money back to being worth

the same.. LAME! I have an idea!! GOVERNMENT BAILOUTS TO EVERY

WORKING (with a legit (legal) job) AMERICAN! and since im so

adiment on discontinuing our country's currency the bailout with

consist of a home of your choice up to $200,000 and making food

free since it is what keeps us alive! AMEN! think about it ya'll!!

let me know, PLEASE let me know what your thoughts are and be

honest. i want to hear or read someone telling me im braindead or

telling me im a genius!

either way ~ Please read it all and take a minute to think about

what it would be like without currency in this country! if your

clueless please youtube a documentary on the united states during

the "barter system"! that's the way to live!

~ Have a Great ...

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