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there were two silver dollars struck in 1921. the Morgan dollar and the peace dollar. Send more specific info; condition might be helpful too.


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wats the valu 1923 and 1921 e. pluribus unum

The "Mercury" coin is a dime. In addition the P mint mark was first used on $1 coins starting in 1979 so that letter can't be on a 1921 dollar. A 1921 Morgan Dollar (eagle on reverse with spread wings facing forward) is the most common silver dollar and is valued by its silver content. A 1921 P Peace Dollar (eagle perched in profile) is one of the harder dates to find and is worth at least $50 badly worn and a few hundred if uncirculated.

The 2001 American Buffalo silver dollar was issued as Uncirculated (D mintmark) & Proof (P mintmark). Both have the same current market value of $100.00.

Current retail value is $17.00-$38.00 for circulated coins depending on grade

It has a value from $65-$11,000 depending on the exact grade of the coin.

The 2001 American Buffalo silver dollar was issued as Uncirculated (D mintmark) & Proof (P mintmark). Both have the same current market value of $100.00.

The "P" mint mark was first used on $1 coins starting in 1979, so a 1921 silver dollar couldn't have that letter - only D or S. In addition Philadelphia struck both Morgan and Peace dollars with that date so it's important to know which one you have. Morgan dollars have an eagle with outstretched wings on the reverse side while Peace dollars have an eagle with folded wings and the word PEACE. There's more information at the Related Questions.

About $17 or $18, or more if silver rises dramatically in price (as of January 30, 2008, silver is $16.76 per troy ounce and the Morgan silver dollar has an Actual Silver Weight of 0.7734 troy ounces, giving it a "melt value" of about $12.96). Note that there would be no "P" mint mark - coins produced in Philadelphia at that time had no mint mark.

A 1922 P brilliant uncirculated dollar peace dollar is worth about $200.00. It is 90% silver and 10% copper.

The 1925 silver dollar from Philadelphia is a common date, worth only a little more than its silver value (0.7734 troy ounces - about $13.75 at current silver prices as of mid-October 2009) in circulated condition, and perhaps $20 to $50 in Uncirculated condition.

If the coin is Proof (P mintmark) $30.00-$40.00 retail, if it has no mint mark $18.00

The proof version ( P Mintmark ) has a retail value of $21.00 and the bullion is about $18.00

Philadelphia did not use a P mint mark on dollar coins until 1979. For all other mints, the position on a Morgan dollar is above the DO in dollar.

Retail prices are: $20.00 for MS-60/ $26.00 MS-63/ $140.00 MS-65

It's still worth 1 dollar.

A Morgan dollar without a mint mark would have been minted in Philadelphia. The P mint mark wasn't used on $1 coins until 1979. But more information is needed to determine a value. Morgan dollars were minted from 1878 to 1904 and again in 1921 so you need to know the coin's date, plus have an idea of how worn it is. Please post a brand-new question with the coin's date, or enter the question "What is the value of a [date] US silver dollar?" in the box at the top of the page. [date] is of course your coin's specific year.

Assuming the coin is certified by one of the top 3 grading company's. The 1881 Morgan dollar in MS-65 has a current market value between $550.00 & $675.00.

A 1922 Peace dollar is so very common that retail values for circulated coins are $14.00-$19.00 and a excellent uncirculated coin is only $25.00

No Nickels were struck in silver after 1945, the value is 5 cents.

No silver coins minted in Philadelphia have a mint mark.

One is currently worth at least $16 for the silver content and close to $40 in uncirculated condition. The 1924-S is worth more than the '24-P.

The same as a D, one dollar and it's not gold.

Please check the mint mark with a magnifying glass. The Philadelphia mint didn't start using the P mint mark on $1 coins until 1979. Your coin may have an O for New Orleans or an S for San Francisco.

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