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What is the value of a 1926 Estados Unidos Mexicanos coin in fair condition?


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Cannot answer without knowing the denomination of the coin -- that's like asking how much is my 1995 car worth (without knowing what kind of car).


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The value of a 1945 20 centavos Estados Unidos Mexicanos coin actually depends on a number of things. Most important being the condition of the coin.

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What is the value of a 1906 mexican 5 centavos estados unidos mexicanos coin?

If it's from circulation, face value only. As of 03/2009 the Mexican peso is worth about 7ยข U.S.

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"Estados Unidos Mexicanos" is Spanish for "United Mexican States" (or, more colloquially, "The United States of Mexico"), the official name for Mexico. Presuming that you are asking about the numismatic value of a coin dated "1962", it depends on the denomination of the coin as well as its condition.

Please post a new question with the coin's denomination.

face value.....look up a conversion website

Many of the coins are worth a price close to $5 each. The price will vary depending upon the condition of the coins.

Unless it is uncirculated, a dealer will probably give you a nickel and sell it for a quarter.

In circulated condition, the value is $2 or less. If it's uncirculated, this coin will sell for between $6 and $8.50.

Many of the coins are valued at a price close to $8 each. The price will vary depending upon the exact coin and its condition.

You should ask at your local numismatic shop, but you shouldn't sell anywhere bellow US$552.

I assume you are referring to 10 pesos rather than centavos. At current exchange rates your Mexican coin is worth about $1.00

It means it has 5 oz of silver, valued at some 89.65 dollars. The motif of the coin could add some value, though.

When I look up the 1958 Un Peso I find a mintage of almost 42 million. It features Jose Morelos y Pavon and has a catalog value of $2.50 US in uncirculated condition.

This coin is actually composed of a nickel ring surrounding a copper center. Value is just a few cents.

Many of the coins are valued in price close to $20 each. The amount for each coin will vary depending upon their wear and tear.

There are two different varieties of the 1981 Mexican 1 Peso, but both are quite commonly found on the collector's market. In circulated condition, the values start at about 25 cents, with a maximum of 90 cents to $9 (depending on variety) in perfect uncirculated condition.

All you've told me is where the coin came from -- The United States of Mexico. What denomination is it? It says 10 Cs. What condition is it in? Fair Perfect condition. 2 1/2 pesos, it doesn't say 10 Cs. My brother told me 30 years ago that it was a $100 gold piece.

Better re-check the date on that coin. "Estados Unidos Mexicanos" did not appear on Mexican 20 Centavos coins until 1905. Before that, they said "Republica Mexicana". Most likely, you have a more current date on your coin. If your coin is silver, it likely has a value of a dollar or two. If it is one of the more recent bronze coins, you will find them in dealers' misc. foreign bins for 25 cents or less.

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