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As long as your Browning model auto-5 shotgun is not chambered in 16ga with a 2 9/16in chamber,then the value will be between 350-550 dollars depending on overall condition.


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Impossible to answer without a detailed description and the serial number.

The .410 Browning A5 is an urban legend. Browninig never produced a .410 A5. No

Try the blue book of gun values base on condition

100-1000 USD depending on EXACTLY what you have and its condition, box, acccessories, manual, etc..

Impossible to answer without the serial number.

On a sweet sixteen model,the difference is 175 dollars between the two.


Browning Auto-5 manufactured in 1965 by FN of Belgium

Depending on the overall condition,it will bring between 250-500 dollars.

No way to answer without a serial number

It is a 12ga Magnum made in Herstal Belgium in 1962.

Basically impossible to value with just the serial number.

You will have to call Browning with the sn to find out.

100-1000 depending on specifics

Check Browning's website under customer service, then date your firearm. Value is determined by condition of firearm, and area of the sale.

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